Walking Gardens

What's In Your Garden?

I believe we (mankind) are all like a garden. The flesh being the ground. The spirit being the life of the garden, thus making us two-part in nature. Our flesh is of the earth because once it dies it returns to the dust of the earth and our spirit is of the eternal substance. Seeds come into our garden by different means as we grow up and our spirit allows those different things to grow. Now, in your mind cycle through your pictures data at the different gardens you have seen driving around, in paper based containers, or the internet. Some are with a few fruit bearing plants. Some are full of weeds. Some are well-kept and fruitful. With that picture in your mind look at people you meet daily are not some of them like these types of gardens? Some people have personalities like weeds ever plaguing the good workers with their negativity. Some people have an average demeanor about themselves with a few good contributions, but there are those you see that seem to have success bursting out their seems. Why do some gardens do really well and others barely make it? Why do some people seem to have all the luck in the world and others have all the other luck?  Does this make you wonder what is in your personal garden? If you could label the different traits about yourself what kind of plants would be in your garden? We think the way we think, we act the way we act due to what is in our garden. We have allowed life to sow certain seeds inside of us that have grown into a part of us others may see, yet we don’t see ourselves. Our personality could be an influence on others exposing to our ways  dropping seeds into their garden. Seeds can enter your garden by what your eyes see, ears hear, feelings that are touched, and the tastes you taste. Have you taken the time to look into yourself and try to see what is growing inside of you that others may plainly see and talk about behind your back? Does this make you wonder “who is tending to my garden?” Do you tend to your garden? Do you have a plant that is a temper plant growing inside of you? Do you have a plant of: bitterness, envy, jealousy… What plants dominate your day? To be conscious of the plants in your garden is to have eyes that sees with perception and ears that hear with understandings. How many people do meet everyday who are blind to the things in their life that everyone else sees? A garden takes an effort to keep the weeds out. A garden needs special attention to grow and be successful. Take some time, slow down, and look at yourself from the outside into your garden and see what you need to do better yourself and possibly to help others. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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