I count myself fortunate to have been raised in a mountainous area. As a young teenager of 16 with a license to drive gave me the first opportunity to venture out. It did not take very long for the realization of how tiny we are in comparison to the vast mountains and open plains. The news media would tell us about hikers getting lost for days with a search party desperately looking for them before too much time got away. A great respect for the wilderness was instilled in me early in life.

It is amazing when you drive your mechanical car and park it in an area for a nature trail hike how a person can sense passing from one world of mechanicalism to the natural world what a vast difference. Walking down a nature trail your senses come alive with seemingly thousands of attention grabbing curiosities. It is amazing how the rat race clock slows down to nothing when you are out in the woods. Life in you and around you slows down to a natural awareness.

If you have never experienced the mountainous outdoors I would encourage you to go on an exploration. If you ask what is the big deal of drinking in through your senses what nature has to offer? Examine your every day life with the unpleasantness, negative bombardments, and a seemingly stressful noose around your neck. The disappearing into the mountains gives you a more to life perspective and new release on there is more to life than my little world of torture.

Sometimes the only kindness a person gets is from nature itself. People tend to be cruel, judgmental, and callus. With nature you know what to expect. It doesn’t change and alter its intent because of who you are. The warmth of the sunshine on your skin is the closest some people get to feeling love from a true pure source, the wind as a gentle refreshing breath into your lungs, the soft sounds flowing into your ears healing the raw words it has endured, and presence of purity all around you for your eyes to see.

Electronics have their place in our life, but their robotic components do not touch us as much as a good day of exploration in the natural beauty near us. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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