Love is Blinding

Life Can Set On Us Anytime Without Warning

I have heard over my life time that “Love is Blinding”. A light bulb of understanding has come on in another room of my mind towards those words. I have observed that whatever a person focuses their love towards they themselves give life to that object within themselves no matter the reality of truth towards that object in the real world.

Focused love can be blinding when a person wishes that particular something to be something that it is not and herein lies the blinding part. Let me preface, I am not picking on anyone by the examples I may use.

A pet in our life can take on a place of love blinding us to value of other things in life. I love animals, but if a choice of a child being run over by a car and a pet both of course being tragic which would you choose? Some people hate people and love pets to the point of people should die and pets should live. A person can live a life of people consistently betraying, back stabbing, purposefully undermining, using them for a means to an end driving them to love and believe only animals can be trusted because they are true to who they are more than people. Some could have lived a life where animals were evil to them leaving bad experiences locked in their memory. It can go both ways.

Electronics in a person’s life can take a place of a high level of love and value in a person’s heart. Electronics is an escape from the way they are treated and looked upon. They can play a role inside these electronics they could not play in real life. This is their only chance to be free from who they are in reality and f

eel the part of the hero, be the sexy looking person, be the one in control, or do whatever they want to do without consequences.

None living objects in a person life can be a focus of a person’s love to a point of blindness of reality.This can be cars, paintings, boats, guns, comic books, statues…on and on. You have things around you that you love to be able to immediately see, hear, smell, feel, or possibly taste. Again, this can be deceiving to that person on other things in life that can be loved and possibly love back with all the senses being involved.

You work side by side with people every day whose mind, heart, and soul are focused on selfish things they love, cutting off everything within them to those around them, oblivious to reality around them, infecting others with their callous selfish ways, flying through this life without a clue of good they could do if their love was not so blinding to reality.


Whatever we focus our love on, the big question is “what will it mean to us or anyone in 100 years?” What will become of your life long committed love to that particular thing? How far back does your memory go of your parent parent’s sayings, actions, or way of living go? What can you focus your love on that will be true and live on after you are gone?

Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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