Growing Older

Time Changing People I Love

As a child our eyes observe those we love around us(aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents…) how tall and other physical features. We begin to grow and go through changes ourselves noticing changes have also occurred to those we love. We hear them saying to us “Some day you will experience this“, “You won’t be young forever“, “You’ll get tired and want to rest“, “Things in your body will slow down” as we just let the words roll off our backs continuing on to be young and full of the attitude “We will live forever“. We continue on and enter into young adulthood with the visual understanding those we love are staying ahead of us as we change. We get jobs, get busy spending money, and go after things we want. All the while Time is ticking bye and changes are occurring underneath our noses towards those things the older loved ones told us about. We get married, get an apartment or house, children come along, school, teenage years, graduations… We go to the bathroom and all of a sudden we see someone in the mirror that looks old…er? The revelation sets in Time has moved on waiting for no one and we see were so busy with life and taking care of others we did not notice the person in the mirror has aged so much. We observed the changes in our loved ones how their skin changed, their size changed, their energy changed, spots appearing on their skin and the dots connect in our brains “a person gets so busy in life they do not realize how time has slipped by and the aging process has crept in and taken you closer to the ones you loved places in life“. How can this get by us so quickly? Our focus has become so tunnel vision to other goals in life our eyes do not see the changes as easily and our mind forms subtle walls of denial. If you were blessed to have your parents to live a long life. When one of them passes away the cold reality of aging slaps you in the face “we are all heading towards this end of the road may be differently, but death still waits at the end of it“. We all will be the elderly people we see at the food market getting their money out slowly and as a younger person complaining in our minds that we wish they would hurry up, driving down the highway with their gray hair visible through the back windshield our minds again complaining how slow they drive and should get off the road. You and I are headed towards this status in life and there is nothing we can do about it, except live life daily with as much peace and happiness we can. You will read this repeatedly in my blogs from my dad to myself, a young teenager during a troubled time, “Life is too short to go through it bitter and upset.” I would encourage you to seek happy points through out your day in the midst of a troubled environment that you cannot change, but at one step at a time. Live inside what good things you do have and don’t focus on the things you don’t possess, just keep moving forward as positive as possible.  Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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