Locked and Loaded

     “Locked and Loaded” has many different meanings to different people.  Some of you will think I am getting ready to talk about locking your magazine into your gun and loading the ammunition into the chamber.  You may think I am going to talk about getting ready or being ready for action.  Both thoughts are right, but one thing you have to consider about my writings they will most likely have a “Past the Surface” twist – a good twist. “Locked” is having something secured into place.  It is not going anywhere else to easily.  It is for this moment in time … Continue reading Locked and Loaded

Children’s Inheritance

     What did you inherit from your father, mother, or both of them?  I imagine some are saying vehicles, house, land, and other miscellaneous things.  You may be thinking about hair, eyes, face, body shape.  My question is based on “What have we really inherited from our parents?”  My Dad passed away three years ago this November.  I still have my mother. Before I go any further I feel like I need to preface this post with I have two parents that I could not have chosen better if God gave me the chance to pick from the world in my opinion.  I … Continue reading Children’s Inheritance