Locked and Loaded

Photo06232104_1     “Locked and Loaded” has many different meanings to different people.  Some of you will think I am getting ready to talk about locking your magazine into your gun and loading the ammunition into the chamber.  You may think I am going to talk about getting ready or being ready for action.  Both thoughts are right, but one thing you have to consider about my writings they will most likely have a “Past the Surface” twist – a good twist.

Locked” is having something secured into place.  It is not going anywhere else to easily.  It is for this moment in time set on a destined course of action.  It has a tunnel that must be passed through before seeing day light.

Loaded” is having something full that was once empty.  A container that is filled to capacity and heavier than before.  It is a place that needs to be subtracted from to lessen the weight.

Go back with me to a time when you were small you ran, jumped, and laughed with a pureness of innocence.  This was a time that when you woke up to a new day of new adventures and discoveries.  For most people this lasted all the way to high school graduation.  Then some choices came and they had to be made for we knew the world would not stop spinning and time would not wait for us.

You went on to college, you went to work, and some may have enjoyed a little time longer at home.  Our sunshine as children began to slowly darken with some clouds.  The blue skies and the green trees began to fade in our eyes as we directed our lives towards things we wanted.  You may have gotten married during high school, after high school, or at college. You may have gotten a child before marriage or after marriage.  Survived all types of relationships, but as time has moved on our days have become a blur.

The things that happen to us brought the weight of responsibility and accountability.  Some adults may have warned you of the things to come, but our youthfulness may have washed it out of our hearing.  One day you begin to take a look at yourself from the outside and see you are locked into a daily job to keep up the life style you now have become attached and you feel the load heavy upon your shoulders.  You may feel you are in total darkness with a tiny light in the far distance. You have heard the saying, “There is light at the end of the tunnel” and some have added that it is the light of an oncoming train.  You now feel you are “Locked” into place, destined to a daily course, and “Loaded” so heavy you need some relief from this trapped destiny.

Rediscover you child like interests of fun.  Modify what you did as a child into what you can do as an adult.  Don’t let the “Locked” into paying bills and “Loaded” down with debt stop you from having some moments of sunshine inside your mind and heart.  For an example I loved riding my brother’s bike as a child exploring the roads near my home and neighborhood.  As an adult I took a refresher course on riding motorcycles.  Now, I get on my motorcycle or go in a car and explore the roads in my surrounding counties.  Each road with its curve, twist, and dip I see things I haven’t seen before because each person arranges their yard differently.  You see flowers, rock formations, waterfalls, various barns and sheds.  Around each corner of the road I have never been on offers a child like surprise.  It is like Christmas day when you really did not know what was inside that box wrapped so pretty.  Use your mind to figure out a way to enjoy life again.  Revive surprising yourself with personal efforts of fun goals.

Locked and Loaded” thinking has its necessary place, but all things need to be unloaded, cleaned, and refreshed before going into the field again.  Find your place to unlock your happiness and unload your burden without damaging your spirit and others.  You will find a stronger and better you looking out your eyes.  Life is too short to go through it bitter and upset.  Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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