How Could God Let This Happen

EarthI have in my life time heard the words “how could God let this happen?”, “if God really existed why would He not stop this?”, “if God is perfect then how did He create imperfect creatures such as mankind and the fallen angels?” and many other similar statements.  I have had my times of questions about my personal life and my loved ones around me.  I started the journey to try to understand an answer to these questions.

I went back to the earliest time I could find about God and mankind.  In reading the beginning chapters of Genesis I found God created man in his own image. Everything He put into mankind and creation was perfect without pain, sorrow, hate, suffering, and any other things you may consider flaws or short comings. One of the perfect parts God put into us and angels is “free will“. Without “free will” all would be like machines with no consciousness to choose varieties of paths, foods, or colors. I never looked at “free will” being something counted in God’s eyes as a perfect element.

The angels have “free will“.  They are not machines without eyes that see and ears that hear. They are not mechanically locked into a function that the freedom of choice is null and void.  Thus, I have read about one mighty angel made a “free will” choice to do his own thing against God’s perfect system, which got him and his fellow angels that followed him kick out of Heaven. There were consequences for their “free will” choice. You and I make choices everyday that once we have made them of our own “free will” there is no taking it back and the end results will bring us good or bad. This is what happen to the angels once they made that “free will” choice the taking it back was impossible because of the eternal substance they were made of. There was nothing in angels that was temporary. They were thru and thru eternal beings. Their choices were final according to the Bible. They chose to corrupt their perfect element of “free will” thus issuing into the existence of darkness.

Mankind was created with the perfect element of “free will“. It is amazing to read and think about the total freedom mankind had in the beginning. The world was open for man to do with whatever he wanted with only one restriction. Only one rule not to break for it would bring death. God had experienced angels taking their perfect element of “free will” and making bad choices. God tried to warn mankind about this one rule not to break for it would bring death to mankind and all under his rule (animals, plants, water, and earth). At this point before man corrupted his perfect element of “free will” the earth was free of what we see today (disease, sickness, pain, murder, death…).  Mankind took his perfect element of “free will” and pointed it in the direction of breaking the one rule in the entire world against God’s warning. This brought death into mankind and into all living things in the earth, but God created mankind half eternal substance and half temporary substance (one part of the dust of the earth and the other part from God’s eternal spirit). We have a chance whereas the angels do not to change for the better.

How Could God Let This Happen?” question is answered by God locking Himself into NOT overriding what He counts as one of His perfect elements – “free will“. He left it up to the eternal angels and mankind (overseers of the earth) to do what they will with their choices of “free will“. The awful things that happen in this world comes from the “free will” choice man made for all and the earth in the beginning of time. Now, I do understand God does step in for somethings, which is pure Grace on His part and for His reasons. All evil that befalls us is the life is not God’s fault, but a result of bad choices by our ancestors. It is like the statement “I don’t go to church because it is full of hypocrites.” Hypocrites are people who have chosen to take their perfect element of “free will” and corrupt it with using God and church as a cover up for their evil ways, but they are the guilty ones for making the choice not God. It is not God’s fault. You and I choose everyday how we shall live that day by listening to good influences or bad influences. The perfect element of “free will” God cut loose and gave into our control has haunted us from the beginning of time for the wrong choices and will continue to haunt us for generations.

My dad was a good father, husband, and worker. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer disease, which I went through the “How could God let this happen to my dad – a good man?” questions. It was not God’s choice, but man’s “free will” choice that brought all evil, passed down upon all of us as a curse from the beginning of time for all generations to face. Some people good or bad have grace fall upon them like the rain falls upon the good people and the bad people. I am not mad at God for the disease. I am mad at the evil that is among us due to bad choices made at the beginning of time, but God has provided a way of escape, which is another topic.

We can create all the laws we can think of, but it will not totally filter out the “free will” choices people will make within or without the law. We can have all our hospitals, schools, governments, job sites, and neighborhoods filled with EMT’s and Police, but this will not stop the “free will” of choices people will make contrary to the healthiness of life and others. It will place more good people in harms way of those who choose to inflict upon others their bad choices.

I never looked at the “free will” being a perfect element in mankind from God due to all the things we see daily in the news from those who use their “free will” to hurt, kill, swindle, deceive, manipulate the innocent of others without regret or remorse. I now understand it is not God’s fault when it comes to our “free will“. Mankind has it within himself the God given “free will” to choose the path of doing good or doing selfish acts of evil. I hope this has shined a little light on “How could God let this happen?” questions.  Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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