Cards of Life (The Beginning)

Photo07231416We live every day dealing with the “hand that has been dealt” to us. Any time throughout our day it can be normal, good, or bad. I have heard others say the words “We have to work with the hand that has been dealt us” liken unto a card game of life. Games are built for someone to win in the end. Winning can be defined by how you react to the cards of life handed to you.
As I began to think about the cards of life, I realized when we are born with certain cards automatically. When we came into existence there were cards already dealt to us to deal with. We have a birth card. We have a mental card. We have a physical card. We have a spirit card (our inward person). We have a death card. Each one of these cards comes with conditions of normal, good, or bad.
Our birth card is out of our control as to what condition it came with, but nonetheless we have to manage it for the rest of our lives. Our birth card can be something we are proud of, ashamed of, or could care less about, but it is a “history” card that cannot be changed. The birth card should not hold us down personally because it has been played and replaced with another card of life. We have to move on with life and forge for ourselves to the best of our ability the life we want to possess. The birth card is a history card and you are living in the present, which is a gift to be different and better.
The mental card that was given us is comes in a variety of packages for all of us. Whether you have been in school or not the comparison of our mental card is revealed when around others. In class, there were the ones who knew the answers to the questions the teacher asked being dealt the good mental card, the ones who knew about half the answers, and the ones who struggled with keeping up with the material being taught. The mental card is played and replaced throughout the stages in life and they are revealed by the choices we have made. Some choices we made were normal choices, some were good, and some were bad. If you look into your past at the mental card you will see the times you were on top of things, playing catch up, or totally lost. This mental card is something you can work with at the level of intelligence you was handed. The road you travel with this card is in your hands to deal with on a daily basis. With the mental card, you can make yourself valuable by what you replace it. Keep flipping this card for the rest of your life reaching for the highest card that can be dealt to you.
The physical card we receive at birth comes in different shape and sizes. Some are born with athletic bodies, handicapped bodies, average bodies, or frail bodies. This card can only be discarded through life so many times because we are what we are and to change it beyond what its capability puts it in danger of falling down. You and I have had to deal with either being picked on and stuffed in a locker at school, being made fun of what we dressed our bodies, or being revered as a hero in sports. Again, this is a card that changes throughout our life continually. I find myself through life seeing others in different stages of life with the physical card they have been handed and it caused me to slow down to think I was going to be given a similar card as I approached their age. It is sobering thoughts to realize the past card, present card, and the future physical hard that will be, not if, but will be given to you. This helps the mental card to get itself ready for the day a different card is dealt to you. Work on the physical card within your means with an attitude of you can only do what you can do, but it is great while you can do it. This has a releasing power to what has been dealt you in the cards of life.
The spirit card is what I refer to as the inward person that is truly driving the exterior body. We are inside the bodies thinking thoughts that no other physical person can hear. The spirit card inside the physical bodies can crank a will power from within that science can only take a guess at for an explanation. I hope you have experienced that unexplainable feeling that comes from deep within you to the surface whether it was in a game, a moment of total inspiration, or in the instant of an emergency. The spirit card is where you and I look out through the eyes, hear through the ears, smell through the nose, taste through the tongue, and touch through the skin processing it into an invisible database within our minds and hearts. The spirit card is where people can hide agendas, contemplate actions, and devise what they are going to do before others can find out. The spirit card becomes our personal database to who we are and no human being can access its information, but we can call upon it anytime and anywhere. The spirit card can be inward joy, pain, sorrow, depression, happiness, optimism and many other stored demeanors. This card is changed to other types of spirit cards. We have to guard this card as to what it is replaced with and to handle it with a desire to better it for the rest of our life. This is the card that is our internal roommate for life – memories.
The death card is like the birth card. This card will only truly happen for the last time. People have had narrow escapes to laying this card down for the final play of the game and have had the chance for the card to be put back into their hand for the not yet. You and I have seen this card played from the young, the middle aged, to the elderly. This card is normally the unknown card that has been dealt us. None of us truly knows what is floating around in our bodies, around the next corner, or waiting for us down the road. The death card is mostly avoided in the card game of life because of its finality once played. We do not want to think of it, but it is our hand with the rest of the cards we have received. Man has not been able to get rid of this card from the riches to the poorest this card remains in all of our hands. This card should make all of us live a daily life without our spirit card being filled with as few regrets as possible. You will only play this card game of life once and when the last card has been laid down your memories will be all that is left in others spirit cards whether good or bad. Play that last card with all the good integrity you can accumulate in your lifetime and you will have passed onto the other gamers the right way to handle the cards that were dealt you in life.

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