Seeing Blindness

Our childhood up to the present whether you are in the adolescence or adulthood point of time I want to share an insight of “Seeing Blindness“. Seeing blindness are the opposites as love and hate are opposites. “Seeing Blindness” may give you the leading thoughts of, we who have physical sight, seeing those around us who are physically blind. This is about blindness within a seeing person.

Let us take the first steps of this journey together by looking back into our early days of growing up. I have many memories as a child of wanting things that others had that I did not, interacting with my family, riding a bicycle, throwing ball, playing in the yard or woods,  and interacting with others. What are you seeing from your childhood? As a child growing up our eyes saw good things and bad things around us every day. If you are going through some those memories right at this moment, you are experiencing a form of seeing. We are seeing with a sight of memories into the past. Our eyes record different events everyday from childhood to the present. They are filed away into a memory bank that we subconsciously categorize. Our minds store what our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch sensory system gathers. Every second, minute, hour, or day goes into the past memory data banks in our minds. We have subconscious categories of things we want in the death section (dead to us), buried section (don’t care to remember), and the resurrection section (enjoyable memories we like to watch). Our minds are full of movies and stories we can call upon any time for viewing. This is seeing with the sight of our memories.

From our tiny little fingers, stumbling to walk, our first days of driving, and to adulthood our eyes have been focused outwardly. Our eyes lock onto something we want and we go after it. I have observed little babies or small children seeing something they want and the efforts to obtain it go into motion from holding the edge of the couch balancing themselves towards the object to a quick uncoordinated walk in the same direction. Young adults do the same thing using different means to reach the goal their eyes have set upon. Adults go after things they want using things at a much higher level.

Some people have beheld with their eyes great oceans, towering mountains, roaring rivers, sun beams sparkling through the trees, fields upon fields of flowers, valleys flowing for miles between mountain peaks, tall skyscrapers, huge water dams, cities as far as the eye could see, towns if you blinked you would miss it, scary animals, cute animals, tall people, short people, mean people,  happy people, births, deaths, sicknesses, defeat, and victories. We all have seen more than we realize and recorded more information into our minds that we give credit.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you judge them“, “There two sides to every story“, “Things are not always what them seem“? These are seeds planted in our minds to start a process of seeing more than with physical sight. The majority of people use 90 percent of their sensory input for outwardly things. They wake up every day looking out through their eyes reacting to daily things not seeing what is truly going on beneath the surface of others and themselves. Time does not wait for anyone. People will one day see they are at the age of their parents and ask the questions “When did I get to be so old?”, “I cannot stay up like I use to“, and “Where did all this aching come from in my body?“. The sight came on one day in my blindness revealing that I have been so busy with everyday life going after things that I wanted and the things  I needed to take of that I did not pay attention to the person in the mirror was aging. Physically we are seeing, yet there is blindness in all of us.

Example of Seeing Blindness:

One-day two men were having a religious talk. The second man made the statement to the other “no one could see the kingdom of God unless they were born again“. The first man replied, “…surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!” The first man saw the sight of a baby being born from a woman in his memory banks associating the “born again” statement from the second man. He was seeing perfectly the events that took place on this earth, but he could not see a grown person getting back inside a woman and being born a second time. It did not make sense. There is no record of anyone being born from a woman after they are grown. The first man was only seeing physical data. His mind could not see the invisible sight the second man was talking about. Mankind has the ability to see physically and to see the invisible meanings that are all around.  The second man went onto explain, “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.” The second man confirmed you are seeing perfectly about the birth from a woman into this world, but the second birth is like unto it except you are “… born of water and the Spirit.” There are tons of people in the Bible as there are today that see physically great, but seeing past the surface of others or themselves they are blind. If you would like to learn about the conversation the two men had you can find it in the book of John in the Bible chapter 3.

Are we guilty of seeing things every day, yet a blindness of curtains remains pulled closed over our minds? Do we truly see others as they are in our schools, jobs, public, and churches? Do we really see ourselves with a raw examination of who we truly are? How balanced are you? Is there a denial blinding you from a temper, from depression, lack of value, or need fullness in life? The only way for any of us to go from “Seeing blindness” to “Seeing Insight” does not come from people, but from the connection our inward spirit makes with raw truth. Take time to have a closer look at yourself and others. You don’t have to practice seeing physically. It comes naturally from birth to adulthood. You have to practice daily examining, exploring, and bravely asking the questions to see with insight. Do not be afraid of the questions because the answers could reveal constructive materials for a stronger you. True answers are not afraid of questions. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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