Life of an Ice Cube

Imagine Yourself as an Ice Cube

Free-flowing water captured into a tray with an entrapping mold, restricting movement as the temperature drops, freezing the water into a solid state making it into an Ice Cube. A force begins turning the tray upside down, detaching, and pushing the frozen Ice Cube into a container with a swirling rod in the middle of it. A motor begins to  physically turn the swirling rod in the middle pushing all Ice Cubes forward as the Ice Cubes in the front disappear down a hole. The Ice Cube starts falling down a small tube into a smaller container being stacked one upon another not knowing what is next. A foreign free-flowing liquid is poured upon all Ice Cubes in the small container experiencing moving freedom once again, but in a frozen state. Some Ice Cubes start shrink in size. Some fall into a dark place where the crunching sound begins to break them up into pieces, slowly dissolving into a different liquid state, disappearing from sight.

Can You Relate to an Ice Cube

Do you ever feel like an Ice Cube? Have you ever felt trapped? restricted? People around giving you the cold shoulder? Your life turns upside down, dumping you out? You ever feel like something is pushing to a place you can’t see where it goes and you get there to discover a forever falling feeling? You finally stop falling, it starts to rain, and when it rains it pours on top of you? Have you ever felt like you have been crunched on, chewed on, and swallowed?

The Imagination is a Powerful Tool

It is funny how the Life of an Ice Cube relates to our lives. Some may call this the “Cycle of Life”. We are formed, born, exist, transformed, and returned to our former state, but different. What is the moral of the story of the Life of an Ice Cube? Live while you have life in you and don’t become lifeless before your time. Be happy for the day has not yet come. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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