Life of an Ice Cube

Imagine Yourself as an Ice Cube Free-flowing water captured into a tray with an entrapping mold, restricting movement as the temperature drops, freezing the water into a solid state making it into an Ice Cube. A force begins turning the tray upside down, detaching, and pushing the frozen Ice Cube into a container with a swirling rod in the middle of it. A motor begins to ¬†physically turn the swirling rod in the middle pushing all Ice Cubes forward as the Ice Cubes in the front disappear down a hole. The Ice Cube starts falling down a small tube into … Continue reading Life of an Ice Cube

Life of A Bubble – Part 2

I never (and this is to my shame) sit down, listen to the rain, and watch it stream along the driveway or in the yard. It was raining a good steady rain and our garage door was open. I looked out seeing the rich green color of the grass and trees dripping with rain drops I was compelled to take time and watch. I took a bottle of water out to the garage and pulled out a chair that had a cup holder for my water. There was a small stream slowed down into a puddle by debris in the … Continue reading Life of A Bubble – Part 2

Increase Your Personal Value

Society has increased with it’s demand on people to produce profitable results with as much speed and quality. The pressure on individuals to meet the requirements can be overwhelming and depressing. Good news is you can increase your personal value that will effect where ever you go and whatever you do in life. First Step is to slow down and observe the overlooked or unattended needs. There are things that need to be done, but for some reason they are left with half-way done or nothing done at all. It can be a step skipped, something no one has thought … Continue reading Increase Your Personal Value