Spoken and Unspoken

A father on a quest to find the man he has heard so much about that he has come to the conclusion in faith in this man to be the answer. ¬†Faith is the action side of believing something to be true. This father believed in this man to the point his faith took steps one in front of the other towards finding him. The father’s faith, though invisible to all the human eyes around him, had a solid substance in his heart known as hope towards finding this man. His only daughter who was around twelve was sick with … Continue reading Spoken and Unspoken

Faith Right or Wrong

Faith is in every human being on planet earth. Religious and non-religious people are full of this hidden hope for things on a daily basis. There is a powerful faith in you right now as you are reading these words and in me as I type these words. Where is this faith inside of us? Is the faith inside of us focused upon right things or wrong things? Is our faith blind or does it see clear? The existence of faith in every human being on planet earth is easy to find and once exposed easy to see in our … Continue reading Faith Right or Wrong