Key Words – the beginning

The word “Key” by itself quickly brings images of keys we use on a daily basis from our doors to our homes, the locks on our bikes or lockers, to the car doors of our vehicles. The word “Words” by itself makes us think of several words put together to make sense of what is trying to be said for to communicate with one another. If you put them both together “Key Words” this narrows the meaning to something that leaps out from the other words to be a special anointed unlocking effect upon the one seeing them with perception and hearing them with a grasping understanding.

We all probably remember those words spoken by someone older “Don’t touch it. It is hot and it will burn you.” Now, we are older our memory can see the key words spoken, but at that early age we may have tested those words and touched it anyway. The word “hot” and “burn” quickly became a key word if it was spoken again. Some of us came across knives and scissors which the words that followed basically said, “it will cut you”. Again, “cut” was quickly added to our memories as a key word standing out above the rest of the words. God, the Father of all creation, said to His children, Adam and Eve,  you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die (Ge. 2:17). The key word that leaps out at me is “die”, but like children will do they will go ahead and test what has been said. Thus, started the split of flesh and spirit. Just like any parent that reacts to a burn or a cut on their child, God our Father wanting to save His children split the penalty of death. The flesh of mankind took on the “will surely die” penalty and our spirit inside the flesh was put in the holding cell of death roll because of the promise God would send to give us a second chance if we accepted it. Isn’t that cool? All the evil in the world is a reminder for not listening to key words like a scar on our skin from a burn or cut. This is why our flesh will never be a believer only our spirit – the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. 

What I hope you now see are key words that our flesh learns from the physical things of this world and our spirit from another kind of keys words. There are two kinds of key words we encounter in our daily lives. One set is naturally learned we can call man’s wisdom of this world and the other wisdom that comes from above (Ja. 3:17). The wisdom from above is more like a hidden treasure that we hit or miss in connecting with. We have earthly natural key words and there are inspired spirit key words. We are all made of the flesh and of the spirit. We stand out from all other creatures because of the spiritual side within us, but this adds to our battle as human beings – to whom much is given much is required. We have to fight beyond the voice of the flesh to hear the words for our spirit.
I want to mainly focus on key words that inspire and unlock us from within. The key words that go into our eyes or ears past the surface of our physical brain touching our spirit like a flare of light from the surface of the sun bursting forth life of understanding revealing the valley below us that was hidden by the dark of night. Some teachers call it when the light bulb comes on over top of our heads and we have that expression on our face of “Oh, I get it”. Have you ever been listening to a song flowing with the sound of it and picking out the words when all of a sudden certain words leap out in your mind and you start thinking about them? Those certain words acted like an invisible key inserted into your mind, heart, and soul turning the tumblers until that unlocking sound swings open the door to deep inside of you. You start thinking “I have never thought of it that way before” and it inspires you to start examining to a satisfactory end.
A young man wanted to leave home before his time with the money that was allotted to him as a son. He went far away from his family to a distant country. He ended up spending all of his money with wild living. At that moment the country he was in fell into a great famine through out its land putting him in an even worse state. A citizen of that country hired to feed his pigs in the field. He got so hungry that the food he was feeding the pigs looked great for himself. In Luke chapter 15 verse 17  says, ” he came to his senses…”. His memories had key words of understanding in them. He thought about how his father’s hired men have food to spare. Humbleness came over him that he could be at least a hired man unworthy to be called a son after he had sinned against the heavenly Father and the earthly father. Key words can come from our past unlocking wisdom in our future. Some of us have had the words “you have tried everything else why not try God?” It is amazing when one those keys insert themselves into you releasing you to see freely the beauty of the words of truth.
A woman was brought before Jesus by a group of people. They told Jesus she was caught committing a sin that the law required her to be stoned to death. Their words were not like keys, but swords of temptation to trap and accuse Jesus. After a few moments Jesus says to them, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” From the oldest in the group down to the youngest in the group the key words Jesus spoke unlocked their hands that were fastened around rocks to stone her to death in front of them all, but they (the accusers) were not the only one who heard these key words. The woman caught in sin could not throw a rock at herself because she was not without sin. Then Jesus asked, the woman where are they and has no one condemned you? She answers him, no one sir. Jesus the only one among them who had the right to condemn her being without sin, said neither do I condemn you go and leave your life of sin (Jn. 8). Jesus unlocked those men from their one sided of thinking and the woman from feeling unforgivable. Key words from God are powerful once we accept them into the things locked inside of ourselves.
This is the evening with the disciples before they were going to take Jesus away and crucify him. Peter spoke words of if everyone else falls away, I will not. Jesus told Peter before the rooster crows twice this night you will deny me three times. Later that evening after Jesus was taken away. Peter was warming himself by the fire and a woman said you were with Jesus – Peter denied it and said I don’t know or understand what you’re talking about  (verse 67, that’s 1). Peter went out to the entryway. The servant girl saw him telling others this fellow is one of them. Peter denied it.  (verse 69, 70, that’s twice). After a little while people around Peter started saying surely you are one of them because you are from Galilee. Peter began speak words cursing and swearing “I don’t know this man you’re talking about” (verse 71, that’s three). Immediately the rooster crowed the second time. Peter remembered the word Jesus told him and he broke down and wept (Mark 14:72). Peter had a weakness buried far below the surface deep down in his heart. Jesus needed this place to receive the key words to unlock it for the future of his church because Peter was given the keys to the kingdom (Matt. 16:19).  Whatever Peter spoke about including on how to be saved, which his first words you will find in Acts 2:38, would be bound on earth and in heaven. Now, we are seeing power of key words. Jesus believed and entrusted Peter to speak key words to build the church on, but first Peter had to allow somethings unlocked in his life. After Jesus had died, was buried, and resurrected on the 3rd visit of showing himself to be alive again he said to Peter do you truly love me more than these? (just like before the crucifixion, but different). Peter says you know that I love you. Jesus said, Feed my lambs. Jesus asked a second time do you truly love me? Peter answered with the same answer. Jesus said, Take care of my sheep. Jesus asked a 3rd time Peter son of your earthly father John do you love me? Peter answered you know all things and you know that I love you. Jesus said Feed my sheep  (Jn 21:14-17). There are a ton of key words in this last passage unlocking things inside of Peter and the future for all of us that follows. The three denials of Peter before that rooster crowed that night were unlocked and now those places are filled with words of love on a sure foundation of strength.
God knows how to unlock our lives if we only learn how to listen in everything every day for the key words meant just for us, whether it be by songs, sermons, books, peoples conversations. This is foolishness to our flesh because inspired words can only be received if they are spiritually understood (1 Cor. 2:14). I hope you hear your key words every day no matter the source they come from as long as you get closer to the goodness of God.



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