Spoken and Unspoken

A father on a quest to find the man he has heard so much about that he has come to the conclusion in faith in this man to be the answer.  Faith is the action side of believing something to be true. This father believed in this man to the point his faith took steps one in front of the other towards finding him. The father’s faith, though invisible to all the human eyes around him, had a solid substance in his heart known as hope towards finding this man. His only daughter who was around twelve was sick with a sickness he knows will bring death. Most fathers have lived long enough to know the signs of death. They have seen the life draining signs on others and now his eyes behold these things coming upon his only daughter. No wonder when Jairus the father raising his eyes seeing the man in which he believed in his heart was the answer with all the faith walking to get to him fell down on his knees speaking words of pleading hope to come to his house where his only daughter was dying. I can see this father completely overflowing with love towards his daughter and faith in this man called Jesus. Jairus was a titled man of authority over a synagogue, but what did a title or physical weath do for him against a sickness of death? His faith was the most valued and powerful hope he could ever possess irregardless of his life’s status. This man called Jesus agrees to go with Jairus to his house to see his sick and dying daughter. What do you think is going on inside this father’s mind and heart? You know there is a higher level of hope she is going to live a long prosperous life he may have thought to himself as he and Jesus are pushing through the crushing crowd towards his home (Luke 8:41, 42).

An anxious father with high hopes focused on this man Jesus wishing their steps not hindered by this constantly pressing against them crowd. Faith is under time and pressure. Now, all of a sudden this man whose all hope is in, Jesus, stops the crowd and asks “Who touched me?” Why would Jesus ask this question? I believe this was on purpose by Jesus. He knew who touched him, but the crowd did not know. There was a hidden treasure among them that he stopped them so they could see it and hear it. When God stops you it is because He is wanting you to see something beautiful. It was a woman in this crowd of men and women he wanted to extract from her and show them what God treasures. What was so special about her in this huge crowd? Twelve years she sought after healers to heal her of this bleeding that kept recurring, but no one could heal her. She and Jairus’s daughter had something no one could heal. This woman like Jairus believed in her heart. Her belief took action in faith pressing through the crushing crowd while bleeding all along had a solid substance of hope in Jesus. The crowd was too much for her, but she knew she could at least reach the edge of Jesus cloak. This beautiful moment happened in front of everyone, but no knew it except the woman and Jesus. When her fingers touched the edge of his clothing, feeling his garment, power surged through her fingers into her body and her bleeding immediately stopped down inside her. No one in this crowd had a clue what had just occurred. She would have disappeared and slipped away as the crowd kept moving towards Jairus’s house, but Jesus wanted us to see her. Her beautiful faith was like gentle fingers touching the skin of God, but it was faith touching directly the Spirit of God. Now, I understand how the power shot through her body from her invisible faith touching the invisible Spirit of God. Peter and the people had no idea what Jesus was talking about, but the woman did. She felt the light of God’s attention shinning on her in this crowd knowing she could not slip away unnoticed. She, too, like Jairus came and fell at Jesus feet confessing her faith before the whole crowd that just an edge of his cloak would be enough to heal her. It doesn’t take a whole lot, just use what little faith you’ve got. Jesus wanted everyone to see her faith hidden inside her heart for us to see the power of our faith in this unnoticed world. Jesus said out loud in front of this crowd and Jairus, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace” (Luke 8:48). A well placed faith in the right source will bring you that substance you are hoping for to life.

While Jesus was saying this to the woman in front of Peter, the crowd, and Jairus someone came from the house of Jairus and said, “Your daughter is dead, don’t bother the teacher any more“. Jesus is speaking faith and healing and this other person is speaking no hope and death calling Jesus a teacher. In these few seconds I can see Jairus heart and faith starting sink away into the dark abyss of lostness, but before he could drift to far away Jesus reaches out and gets ahold of Jairus’s faith and says, “Don’t be afraid; just believe and she will be healed.” (luke 8:49, 50). How important is your faith? It is so important to God He will stop everything even when faith is under pressure to say to you that everything is going to be alright because it is placed in the right source of life. The crowd continues on towards Jairus’s house. The father now has the news inside his thoughts of his daughter being dead and the words of Jesus she will be healed. His faith is now face to face with the words of Jesus and the words of the person from his house. A body physically dead and words full of Spirit and Life (Jn. 6:63). Once to the house Jesus told the people to stop wailing because she is not dead, but asleep. To the people the girl was dead, but Jesus had already agreed to go with Jairus to heal her and to Jesus she was simply asleep and waiting there by the power of God to be awakened. The people reacted to Jesus with laughter and were convinced she was dead. They missed out because they were locked into she is dead and that is that. Peter, John, James, Jairus the girls father and mother were allowed to go inside with Jesus where the girl was physically dead, but only spiritually sleeping. Why did those few get to go inside? There must had been something hidden inside of them the crowd did not have. Doesn’t this make you want to have faith inside so strong that God would include you into His works whether great or small? As they were watching Jesus tenderly taking her hand into his speaking, “My child, get up“. She was His child under the powerful family of faith that knows no limits in God. Her spirit returned with the power of life to wake up that physical body and stood up (Luke 8:54, 55).

Faith was the whole point. The healing of the issue of blood was nothing. The raising of the dead was nothing. It was the faith that was something to the Lord. Everything that seems impossible or hard is easy to the Lord, but the existence of believing faith in God is an eternal treasure. Yes, he wants us to be healed and live a good life, but above suffering faith will return us home to Him in glory. I want to look at you and you look at yourself. It is amazing what we find when we slow down to examine ourselves. Do you ever feel like this woman surrounded by people, yet you feel all alone? You see the crowd, but the crowd seems to treat as just an object taking up space?  If you attend  a church, a synagogue, or a sanctuary do you feel your need is like an unspoken prayer request falling into the unnoticed category? Think about this woman mixed in this large crowd that they may see her physically, but there were a pair of eyes that were watching her spiritually. She was carrying something inside that God wanted everyone to see including herself. You have something inside of you that people around may not see, but there are a pair of eyes watching you carry a hidden treasure of faith that will cause Him to come to a complete stop waiting for you to release unto Him and for you to feel His loving power flow back into you. Whether your need is known like the father Jairus or unknown like the woman (spoken or unspoken) in the crowd it is your faith in action towards God that counts.

He absolutely loves seeing faith pointed towards Him in our hearts. He is our Father that loves us with a love that the Word and the Action of Jesus Christ came together on the cross, in the grave, and the resurrection for life more abundantly to flow freely inside of you and I. He is our Father that wants us to be born again in water baptism in Jesus name, which the name has the blood of the Lamb of God inside it to wash away our sins returning us to a clean state and infilling us with His Spirit like the apostles (Acts 2:38, 4, 39) for the purpose pure fellowship of faith in Him. Wow, to see His love. I hope you have seen His love, felt His love, and continue to walk in His love.



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