What Am I? What is God?

“A Bridge” is about connecting one side to the other side. Normally a bridge connects one side over a ravine, river, gap or a great divide.  This is a bridge we see physically while out walking or driving around. There is another bridge not seen by most with the physical eye.

When we talk to people our words acts like a bridge for them to cross over into the conversation we are attempting to connect with them joining their mind with our mind. When we use facial communications towards others we are connecting like a bridge to their eyes attempting to link a communication with them into ours. When we physically contact with another it serves as a bridge between  them in a touching feeling communication. All communications from you to another person is an attempt of your bridge joining them passing over it whatever from you to them. This understanding really makes you stop and think what am I passing onto others that I am around on a daily basis? People are walking around each other’s bridge attempting to connect with whoever will allow them to pass over their stuff to them.

This is what got me to thinking “What Am I” and the origin of us being bridges connecting to others came from. Suddenly, I found myself back to the beginning of creation. God Himself did not need the earth, but He created it for us, His children. God created an atmosphere for us to be born bridging Himself with a place to connect with His children. In Genesis God came to fellowship with us in the Garden of Eden. If you start down this path it will amaze you God loves to connect Himself to others like a bridge so they may cross over it into His fellowship. A place bridged from Him to us. He doesn’t need these things, but wants those things. In the garden God only had one rule for us not to break and if broken it would destroy the bridge between us and Him. He created us not like robots with locked in programming, but freedom of choice children. Of course our ancestors chose to dabble against the one rule causing the destruction of our bridge between God and man bringing death and disease into the world, but God saw a way to create a bridge of a second chance with us before we could be become eternally locked into being separated from Him. Our Father is The Bridge and we are like Him being bridges also.

God said to the serpent (Lucifer, fallen angel, devil…) and the woman in Genesis 3:15 “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” As you read earlier in Genesis when God spoke His Word He was taking Himself and creating the sun, moon and so forth. He did the same thing in the scripture above He took Himself and placed Himself in the bloodline of mankind, His Children made in His image, to born as a man to be “The Bridge” over death, hell, and the grave that divided us from God. Hebrews 2:14, 15 says, “Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might break the power of him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.” This fleshly born male child will crush the head of sin ending its complete dominance over mankind while the head of sin will strike  a poisonous bite of death on the heel of the man causing him to die providing the full payment of our debt. Wow, I can see the power of The Bridge of Blood connecting us to Him. Jesus provided The Blood Bridge paying the sin debt for us and the Spirit Bridge (Jn 3:5 must be born again of water and spirit) for us to accept him and walk across back into the pure fellowship of God, which is what the people that were pricked in their hearts asked Peter in Acts 2:37 on what they must do to be saved (cross this Blood and Spirit bridge of salvation). Peter’s answer was first to repent, be baptized in water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins washing them away and receiving the in filling of the Holy Spirit of God just like they did for it is a promise to all Acts 2:38,39. Jesus is the example of the Bridge to God and the Apostles were examples of the bridge of salvation experience to us, which is what God wanted to show us.

Everything about Jesus is an example of God bridging the gap for us to know Him and return to His side (Jn. 17:3). Jesus was the bridge of mercy to the woman they wanted to stone to death (Jn. 8), Jesus was the bridge of no discrimination to the woman at the well (Jn. 4). Jesus was the bridge of resurrection and life to Lazarus (Jn. 11). Jesus was the bridge of truth to the Pharisees, Sadducees, and the priests (Mtt. 15). Jesus was the bridge of healing and forgiveness of sin to the man with the withered hand (Mark 3). Jesus was the bridge over death and hell for mankind to cross over to everlasting life (Rev. 1:18). Jesus spoke to people he was not supposed to speak to, touched people he was not supposed to touch, said things a man was not supposed to say according to man’s traditions and interpretation of laws, and did things he was not supposed to do. God did all of this to connect Himself with us – a bridge from Him to us, his beloved children.

God, Father of All creation, had a side to Him that He named as the Word. God took His Word in the beginning (Ge. 1:1, Jn. 1:1-14) and spoke creation into existence. The Word from God was The Bridge to us. Jesus the man did not exist until God (Jesus in Spirit form) created him inside a woman’s womb to be born from us creating a man made bridge with God Himself (Jesus the Spirit) inside. An outward bridge of flesh with restricted time on earth (like us), but with an eternal bridge to life inside for the sole purpose of a second chance for us to Passover to our Father God.  This is but a scratch on the surface of God being a bridge. If you start studying Him you will see His efforts constantly trying to bridge us with His wisdom, His love (Abraham & Issac), His goodness and on and on it goes. He is right now today trying to show you and me the path of truth about ourselves and about Him, helping us crossover His bridge to life and life more abundantly. 

We are today living with people who are trying to force their personal bridges on us that adulery is alright, sex before marriage is good education and a test run of marriage, there is no impurity, out of controlled lusts, worship things not God, false powers, misguided hatred, sow discord, jealousy, fits of rage whether on the road or elsewhere, selfishness, envy, drunkenness, and the list goes on of people today trying make us  join our bridge of who we are with them in their cause that does not connect to the path to heaven. God has lowered His bridge down into this earth full of physical and spiritual war offering us a chance to connect with His higher than the earth’s thoughts and ways (Is. 55:8-11). This is a bridge seen by the eyes of our spirit, perceived by our mind, understood by our hearts, and accepted by our souls.

I apologize for the length. I hope and pray you are seeing that everything around you both physical and in spirit is a bridge trying to influence you to connect with it and accept an alliance with it. I hope you will now start examining these bridges for their intent and the destiny they are headed towards before you join them.

Now, let us focus on you. “What Am I?” You are a piece of land God has created. He has provided you with a spirit that has His ability in lesser power than Himself, yet you have His characteristics over this land I call your body. Your spirit inside your body is or should be the caretaker of this land. Your spirit has the freedom of choice no matter what mankind can do to your body on the outside. Inside your land (Your body) you decide everything. No one can force what your spirit decides to allow in this land. Inside your body/land you may have allowed some things of the flesh (your land) to plant as a controlling factor. For an example you may have allowed anger to dominate your actions, therefore when you interact with other people your bridge connects with them forcing your anger onto their land if they allow it, which would mean they meet your anger with their anger or your yelling with their yelling. You both have only proved you are equal in the ability to yell and no one is the better person. You choose what you allow to live inside your land and what is in there will come across your bridge to others. If you think garbage you will speak and have actions of garbage to others as a bridge from you to them (Lookup Proverbs 17:22). God put your spirit, which is a spirit like unto Him and from Him, in charge of what you allow inside your body (your land) to think, which is a form of Word like God. I apologize this may get really deep really quick, but if you are willing to cross the bridge of understanding and perception you will never be the same to the better. God had written in His Bible “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Prov. 23:7. What you are hiding on the inside of your body will bridge out to others in different forms of communications and intentions. “What Am I?” You are a bridge to others. Now, the question you should ask yourself “What do I send over that bridge to others daily?” Your words go across that bridge and their ears hear, and their spirit consisting of mind, heart and soul try to interpret them good or bad. Your facial expressions go across that bridge to their eyes and they try to interpret them. Your physical actions of your body crosses that bridge and they try to interpret them good or bad. You are what you are when you are alone and the things that are going on inside you is what you send to others.

One of the greatest things you will ever experience is when you truly allow God’s bridge to connect with you and He sends over that bridge to you words of encouragement, power to answered prayer, the ability to help someone to be born again, shine His Love, shower His joy, take away loneliness, show His forgiveness, peace, gentleness, longsuffering, faith and your bridge connects what He has given you to another person and you see, feel, and hear the other person being set free and blessed, which words cannot express the glory that has crossed His bridge to you and your bridge to them. Jesus did that every day while he was physically here and does them today physically through us with His Spirit.

You bridge your inward stuff to others automatically everyday consciously or not. What kind of bridge do you want to be? You are a Bridge.

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