Just Believe Me

We all have had those moments when we desperately want someone to believe us almost with a begging plea. We are telling them it is the truth. We are telling you this because we want you to know and be safe. Just this one thing – believe me. As I am reading in the beginning of time about the fellowship God had with Adam and Eve just imagining God visiting them is amazing. I see this as a father visiting his children with love beyond all creations because they are His children in His image and likeness as no other. … Continue reading Just Believe Me

What’s Your Story

You are a book that is alive. A living book made in the image and likeness of the one true God. The spirit inside of you is your own unique eternal person. The pages in your book is your mind, heart, and soul. The writing to your book come from what your eyes may see, what your ears may hear, the things your nose may smell, the things you may taste and touch. All of mankind is living a word life. A word life of the things we have accepted from our book inside of our fleshly bodies. Our bodies … Continue reading What’s Your Story

Key words – Another Perspective

We speak several words to each other every day, but mixed in our much speaking we have what we would call key words. As an example: “I was going to the store.” the key word is “was” because it reveals I did not go to the store. Have you ever thought about key words from God’s side? We are his offspring so if we speak key words of hints and revelation did we not get this characteristic from Him, our Father? Now, this is the cool part when reading or listening to God’s word purposely trying to catch the key … Continue reading Key words – Another Perspective