Taking Things Inside

Inside yourself is a very important world of its own. It is a place that needs to be guarded and protected daily by you. You have taken things inside yourself from the day you were born to this very moment that you are reading these words. These words are inside of you, now. I am recognized as the source of these words. You have them inside you to do with them as you wish. You have all power on how things go on inside yourself. You can take them and change them into whatever you desire, but changing them is changing me as I am into your version. This is where a cloud of confusion can set in by our own thinking. If you keep these words the same as they are you are keeping me as the same as I am. You are not changing who I am. As an example if you wrote, “I am a nice person” and I took your words and repeated them with ‘you are a nice person only when you are asleep‘ I just implied that you are not a nice person when awake and if there were any niceness to you it would be only when you are asleep. This is “Taking Things Inside” and doing with them as we please whether keeping as is or changing it.

Depending on what stage in life you are you could be taking your mom, dad, brother, sister and other people inside yourself determining what to do with them. You have automatically put them into categories whether good, bad, or mixed irregardless of reality or personal choice. In school you have taken in your teachers, classmates, coaches, and principals into your inside world classifying them as you see fit in your own eyes. In relationships of boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, live-ins, or ex-relationships they all have been taken inside yourself and possibly unknown to them placed in a judged category. Have you taken things inside yourself keeping them the truth as it is with all sides to the story known or have you made a decision out of your own power that you wanted to make about these things? This is a difficult thing keeping things the truth as they are and not allowing other things to influence them into an altered seemingly truth. How you handle “Taking Things Inside” yourself will determine if they will cause internal blindness, deafness, poisonous or healthy to you personally.

See, we all take things into ourselves and do with them as we wish, automatically conscientiously or unconsciously. If you think about this deeply it can be a scary thing. Scary in the sense we take things inside ourselves and pass judgment on them making them our interpretation of what is truth when in reality it could be the opposite of our thinking. The potential of becoming our own worse enemy could be our greatest downfall. The changes made could create a lie. An example: what if you pick someone who you just don’t like their looks, take their appearance inside yourself before getting to know them, passing a judgment of them of being something bad, and then passing onto others this interpretation of yours. This is where peer pressure can begin on a person that in the end you may find out their background is filled with terrible things they have endured alone or their outward appearance is far from their true inward spirit. The bad part is you have changed them inside yourself starting a self-deception and passing on that judgment to others. Self deception is one of the worse things that can happen to anyone. This was just one side of the many “Taking Things Inside” ourselves  based solely on someone’s outward appearance. What about other things we take in and change them?

Words are read and heard daily? This is really cool and scary at the same time. You are taking in these words typed before you, which I am hoping for an outcome of a blessing for you. A word can be said with different tones creating different meanings of the same word. A word spoken can have a soft kind sound to it or it can have a hard cold sound to it. We speak with words that have a laughter about them. We speak words with the sound of anger, sarcasm, jealousy, love, joy, questioning, and disbelief. We take these words inside of ourselves with other multiple aspects of it thinking over them with a conclusion of what we think the meaning of them could be. The question is can we take things inside ourselves as they are without changing them to our own and maintaining them as they are meant to be? Can we take in a person’s appearance and the words they speak keeping them in the right category that they fit in?

We are a world within ourselves with all the complications that goes with it. We are all born as baby worlds educated by older worlds sending their signals of influence all around us until we reach an age of accountability of our own independent understanding and perception. As you have gotten older you have probably met people who the saying, “It is your world  and I just live in it” fit their behavior. This statement implies that person believes this entire world revolves around them and the rest of us are to do what they want. The unchanging reality is this world does as it pleases with us or without us. You and I know people who are just like this in taking into themselves and making things out to be for them and them only. Lying to ourselves makes us a blind person within that have fleshly eyes that see that do not perceive and a deaf person within that have fleshly ears that hear that do not understand. What we do with the things that we take inside of our spirit world determines if we see and hear truthfully. The bad part is being under self-deception. There is no cure if there is a complete denial and refusal locked in place inside a person.

The quote ‘We are our own worst enemy‘ implying that inside ourselves is a more fierce battle than what is outside of us. We take words that we hear, things we see, and the feelings we get rolling them around inside until a conclusion we believe is true. How many times have you believed the words you were hearing to mean one thing, but in the end was truly something else? We call this a misunderstanding or a lie that was formed from taking the words inside ourselves and determining on our own the interpretation. How many times have we seen something and believed it to be for sure the meaning of only one thing to only find out later it was only half the story? We are taking more than ever in the history of mankind things into ourselves because of technology. We see and read more with all the social media on our phones, tablets, TV screens, and other mobile devices that did not exist in the past. There is an invisible tsunami of things flowing into us daily wave after wave storming our insides with demands to see things their way no matter if it is the truth or not.

After “Taking Things Inside” there is an action we act upon based on our inside world of interpretation. What have we done with those things that we have taken inside ourselves? How many words have we spoken wrongfully knowing only half the story? How many physical actions have we taken only to find out later we took them out on the wrong thing or person? It all lies within on what we do with the things that enter into us. The internal process is something under our complete control once we graduate to our own accountability. It is very embarrassing to be out there in front of others being totally wrong and they know it all because of our changing things on the inside of ourselves. Being right has a better feeling every time.


What is the origin of taking things inside of ourselves and changing them from what they are into our version? There was an existence of the truth was the truth with no lies in sight. Everything was truthful in its complete design. The beginning of changing things within started with an angel looking at God with an envious spirit. To jump to the final outcome of this one angel changing things from the truth to his own interpretation within himself, influenced other angels with his twisted belief, convinced them to attempt a physical overthrow of God ended with all of them being cast out of heaven (Is. 14).

Our (mankind) beginning history of changing things within ourselves started with the same self-deceived angel. He approached Eve and Adam, who were one hundred percent pure in truth physically and spiritually at that time, twisted what God had said to them. God gave Adam and Eve His words, which basically was everything on the earth is theirs freely to use with the exception of one tree. This one tree had in it a mix of the knowledge of good and evil, which represented one in ALL the creations that took things inside themselves changing the truth to their own belief having once all truth and now corrupted with self evil. It did not change the reality of the outside of themselves truth. It only changed the truth inside of them into a lie and a self-deception. This self-deceived angel passed his twisted words of the truth to our mother of all living, Eve, and she took his words inside herself putting them against God’s words of “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Ge. 1:17) changing them into the fruit would be good to eat for food, the fruit looks pleasing to the eyes, and the desire to gain wisdom (Ge. 3:6). She took this inside of herself changing it to her own self-deception. Adam, the first man, was not deceived (1 Tim. 2:14) by the angel’s twisted words. Adam kept God’s word as it was inside himself, but still ate of the forbidden truth. Adam kept God as God categorized inside himself and the angel in his rightful place, but Adam was willing to die with Eve.

The angel took the truth within himself and changed it on the inside, not the outside, affecting his own eternal state and other angel’s eternal state within. Eve (mother of all living) took the truth within herself and changed it on the inside to a self-deception, not affecting the outside truth, activating the truth of the death penalty upon herself. Adam, Eve’s husband, took what the angel said, not being deceived, and still ate of the forbidden fruit invoking the truth of the death penalty upon all of mankind (Ro. 5:12). Everyone born unto Adam and Eve after that were born with a sin state with the death penalty on them being mixed with the knowledge of good and of evil.

This is why you and I “Taking Things Inside” ourselves face what is the reality of truth and doing with it within ourselves as we please changing it or not changing it. I know you can look into your memory finding times you were deceived like Eve and times you were not deceived like Adam doing with it whatever you determined within yourself. We have inside of us the voice of evil and the voice of good to change or not change (that is the question). The dominating voice that tries to gain total control of us is our flesh and the fallen angels. There are some people we know they totally listen to the voice of evil, some people who listen to the voice of good, and some people who mix both of them.

All people are “Taking Things Inside” themselves and doing with them as they please. I don’t want to make the mistake Adam and Eve did. They took it in and doomed their souls. Lucifer, the angel doomed himself eternally because he refused the truth of things and changed them for his own purpose. We have in our recent years of history of leaders persuading others into giving themselves, their children, their finances, and even their lives to them because of their words. They have bought land, built compounds, worshiped comets, and moved to other countries based on taking their words inside themselves with unquestionable belief. There is a prophecy of a time when people will not put up with truth, but instead will gather around them people who will suit their own desires and be told things what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths (2 Tim. 4:3).

I see in our news and people around us almost every day people twisting things for their own purpose, which we all know there is a day of reckoning, what goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, and karma comes back to bite you. The power is within all of us to take things inside of ourselves keeping them the way they are on the outside or changing them to something else inside. People will take things inside themselves and speak outwardly evil is good and good is evil; that darkness is light and light is darkness; that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. There is a warning just like Adam and Eve upon people who take things inside trying to change the truth by their own fleshly wisdom and think themselves to smarter than all others (Is. 5:20, 21).

I cannot speak for you, but would it not be nice if people could take you for you? I am happy for you if you have had no problem with anyone taking you to be something else other than what you are or anything you have said to be something else other than what you really meant to say. All of this causes me the desire to see with perception and hear with understanding clearly inside to what things really are and keep them in that category without changing them to suit me with a twist of a little deception. The price can be too high to pay with the soul.

Travel the road of questions and wanting to know until you reach the final truth of truth of what you seek. There should be no fear of questions if it is of the truth. Frustration, aggravation, and its a mystery flaring up because of your questions for truth and wanting to know are signs of either Eve’s changing of truth inside or Adam’s knowing the truth, but in denial of the truth. This is why when I became a follower of Jesus Christ, being saved from the world of terrible sin that I was in, I have no fear of questions or wanting to know. If He is God and His word is true then there should be no question(s) or wanting to know to cause frustration, aggravation, and writing it off as no one is to know it is a mystery type of excuse because the God I have come to know desires to give us understanding and wisdom (Ja. 1:5). He wants you to take things inside and have His help once again like in the garden of Eden before Adam and Eve fell. He wants to help guide you into all truth allowing you the chance to make the right decision inside yourself keeping the truth the truth (Jn. 16:13).

You have all power inside yourself to think as you please and no power to change the outside of yourself truth. We are all worlds within ourselves communicating to other walking worlds around us big and small. Your spirit inside your body is your world. You can take in things like Eve and convert them to suit your thinking, as Adam know the truth and deny it, or like Jesus keep God as God, His Word His Word, and the I Am that I Am.

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