What We have Done with God?

History has shown mankind is like their creator in taking an idea, materials, and putting them together creating a solid functional self-sustaining powered invention. Mankind has taken, is taking, and will take things in the future from this world forming a creation from their own minds because we are His children. Have you ever been told to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes or situation‘ to try to see their side of the story, view, or perspective? This was my parent’s way of hinting to me to be slower on judging someone until you have all the facts. Have you … Continue reading What We have Done with God?

Nobody Knows

There is no human being in the past, present, or future that knows in one hundred percent details of what is going on deep down inside your mind, heart, and soul except for one who is no longer here physically. Right now as you are reading these words sitting in a chair, laying on the bed, waiting for the bus to arrive, or at the kitchen table only you know the thoughts and feelings you are having at this moment. If there are people around you your thoughts and feeling are not being broadcast for anyone and everyone to see. … Continue reading Nobody Knows

Based On Words

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear “Based On Words“? ‘It is something someone has said’ or another possible first thought is ‘It is a he said she said’ proof of evidence angle. Also, one could possibly think of a person’s foundation of their belief is “Based On Words“. When you separate¬†“Based On Words” you possibly see ‘Base‘ as a foundation or proof, ‘On‘ in this phrase could be seen as physically in contact with another referring to the top of something else, and ‘Words‘ as a form of communications.¬†“Based On Words” put together … Continue reading Based On Words

Life’s Lemons

Naaman was a man who rose through the ranks in the army becoming a commander for his king. He was successful in bringing victories to his king and country. The king looked upon Naaman as a great man and was highly regarded. Naaman physically fought his way to the top. He became a man of authority telling other men to go there and they go, to come here and they come, to do this and they do it. Naaman was no longer a follower, but a leader that told others what to do. You could say he was close to … Continue reading Life’s Lemons

Your Aura

Have you ever quietly watched someone that seems to stand out? There is something about them that is different from the others surrounding them. You know it has nothing to do with their physical appearance for there are many others who have equal or even better appearance than them. There is a presence about them almost like an invisible aura¬†emulating from them that catches your spiritual eye. The presence has a depth in that person and their mannerism that draws your eyes to want to see more. You find yourself wondering where did this come from and how do they … Continue reading Your Aura