The Car IS Replaceable

Vehicles and other modes of transportation we use on a daily basis are man-made and invented to make things more efficient. The majority of the transportation we use to travel is something we generally step inside and ride until reaching our destination. There are some transportation we ride on top of (bikes, boats…etc) to our destination. We walk inside, step inside, or sit inside the vehicle that is going to carry us to our desired destination. “The Car IS Replaceable” comes from a statement my dad said to me after being in a car accident. At the time I thought … Continue reading The Car IS Replaceable

Complete Partner

Every person that looks at a drinking glass with water inside it will see it with their own perception and understanding. One may see the glass of water as being half full and another would see it as half empty. Our spirits inside our bodies are like that glass of water. Our spirit is being filled everyday with something. The focus today is on ‘how much does your partner complete you?‘ The drinking glass is filled by another outside source. The water placed inside it can come from different sources such as a water pitcher, a fountain, or a sink. … Continue reading Complete Partner

Born in Prison

I was born in prison. As any other child before reaching the age of perceiving and understanding reality life was normal to me. My parent’s crime carried the death penalty without the option of parole. The country they committed this crime passes the judgment to all family members without any possible change to the sentence. I was not only born in prison, but I was born on death row. The phase of being a baby, to a child, and a little older the understanding of the situation was still not understood. Prison was not seen as a prison right under … Continue reading Born in Prison

I Want To Die

Hi! I am glad you stopped by to read “I Want To Die“. ┬áThis is something that has crossed everyone’s mind sometime in their life. You are not alone. For some the thought of death was a flash and for others it became a returning subject to think about. To die has a closure and an ending sound to it and to live has an ongoing never-ending sound to it. One of them implies freedom and the other implies torture. I am glad you are here, now reading this because I don’t want you to be deceived anymore. I was … Continue reading I Want To Die

Nobody Knows

There is no human being in the past, present, or future that knows in one hundred percent details of what is going on deep down inside your mind, heart, and soul except for one who is no longer here physically. Right now as you are reading these words sitting in a chair, laying on the bed, waiting for the bus to arrive, or at the kitchen table only you know the thoughts and feelings you are having at this moment. If there are people around you your thoughts and feeling are not being broadcast for anyone and everyone to see. … Continue reading Nobody Knows