Thank You

I want to take time to say a special “Thank You” to all of you from my heart for subscribing to my humble posts. I have no motive to hurt anyone, unless that hurt awakens you (Prov. 27:6) to something you did not know was there inside of you giving you a second chance to free yourself. If I can play a small part in your life in bringing you forgiveness, happiness, freedom, understandings, and truth I feel I would have led a fulfilled life.

God gives me things and I want to give them to you by His permission. I am absolutely no one special and deserves no praise. What I do have is what has been given to me from Him. I was in darkness living a self-centered life in this world before He came into my life. I was a victim to evil things and returned the evil things to others for revenge to my shame. When God came into my life He took away darkness and I could see the light all around. One day, one step, one thought, one prayer, one breath at a time He has helped me towards becoming one of His children (Ro. 8:14).

I am still on this journey exploring and discovering beautiful things He points out and I want to take you with me if you are willing to hang on. Some of the things He shares with me can be very deep for our different levels of thinking (Is. 55:8,9). I will do my best to present it to you in the way He allowed me to see it and hear it.

Again, “Thank You!” for allowing me the opportunity to share with you. May His Holy light shine upon your heart surrounding and warming it with His eternal love.

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