Complete Partner

Every person that looks at a drinking glass with water inside it will see it with their own perception and understanding. One may see the glass of water as being half full and another would see it as half empty. Our spirits inside our bodies are like that glass of water. Our spirit is being filled everyday with something. The focus today is on ‘how much does your partner complete you?

The drinking glass is filled by another outside source. The water placed inside it can come from different sources such as a water pitcher, a fountain, or a sink. Our partner in life is that outside source that pours into our spirit’s glass a level of themselves. After they are poured into us those seconds leave the present and become a memory of the past. The question is does that level from them complete you or does it leave you half full or half empty?

Sharing this life with another person as your partner may or may not complete you in filling your spirit’s glass of water. They may leave you half full or half empty depending on your perception and understanding. Why it is dependent upon your perception and understanding is because you may be seeing only a part of the picture and not the whole.

Relationships can be together based on a partial desire or want. Some pursue after a partner on the reason of their physical appearance, a helper of reaching their career goal, or their financial status. These are not a completion of filling your spirit’s glass full inside of you. They are half reasons of having a partner in this life in a relationship. This is something you find out later after you have captured the want or desire you saw in them. They are exactly or not exactly what you thought you really wanted.

When you first saw the person you wanted to make your partner. Can you remember what was the first thoughts and beating of your heart when you saw them? Was it because they had a beautiful face and body? Was it because they look like someone who could understand and help your future career desires? Was it because they look like they could give you a life and style of security you wanted to live?

Happiness and unhappiness is sometimes lost to us in our understanding and perception. We ask ourselves, ‘Why am I not happy?‘ I got the person I saw and wanted, ‘Why do I feel lacking?‘, ‘Why do I feel empty?‘, ‘How can I feel alone?‘ when I have someone beside me as a partner.

If you are feeling any of these questions it may be your spirit’s glass within you that you are drinking from with the desire of feeling complete is being filled only half full or half empty. Your believing of a “Complete Partner” has left your spirit short of being completely full and satisfied inside. If you have none of these feelings and you feel completely full because of your partner that is wonderful, but does your partner feel the same as you?

You can be completely satisfied and feeling full in your spirit and be missing the insight to how your partner feels about you. “Complete Partner” is two people that have become one completely fulfilling one another to the top of their spirit’s drinking glass inside of them. You may have heard the phrase “It is your world and I live in it“. This statement is a way of hinting to whom you are speaking that they think the world should be as they see it and do as they believe things should be done. They are seeing only from their way and not placing themselves in other people’s situations to see from their perspective.

Dating someone is the crucial key to seeing past the want and the desires inside of you. This is where the “Love is blind” comes from. You are only seeing the part you want from the person you are courting and not the other half. If you truly want to have a full glass of completeness and satisfaction in your spirit’s glass from a partner all the days you live on this earth then you have to step back and see the total package, inside and out.

In time you will find if you get a partner based on the fantasy of having great sex with them or the children that will be produced. You will find out after time the sex is only a part (half full/half empty) of the relationship. You will have to deal with a personality, mannerism, and goals the other person may have in mind. You could be trapped in a relationship that your spirit’s glass within you will always be half full/ half empty.

In time you will find if you get a partner based on their good looks of what people would call, “eye candy” you may find their outward good looks is the opposite of their inside looks filled with bitterness, selfishness, and the world should bow at their feet attitude. You could end up being a caretaker in the relationship just to stay with them the rest of your life leaving your spirit’s glass within you always half full/half empty.

In time you will find if you get a partner based on the belief they can help further the career you are dreaming about that they have possibly the opposite goal in life even though they seem to have the qualities to boost your dream. You may find yourself comprising to their needs while your dream never comes to reality leaving your spirit’s glass half full/half empty.

Those who have found the “Complete Partner” from both sides of the relationship without any self deceit or self denial cannot understand the struggles of the majority of marriages and partnerships today. Their spirit glasses within are always full from each other to drink beautiful memories they give each other every day. Their perfect world of relationship that is the minority of this world has no clue of the loneliness, emptiness, and sufferings the rest of the majority others face.

Secretly married couples and partnerships have a partner that lives with a half full/half empty glass inside their spirit. They are playing the role of a “Complete Partner” through hidden tolerance, deep patience, understanding kindness, swallowed pride, honoring the other, giving up dreams, slow to anger, and allowing the other partner to continue to believe in their world while their glass in their spirit remains half full/half empty.

On the surface to the outside the home people see a marriage or partnership as two full glasses while hidden below the surfaces could be one full glass and the other half full/half empty in their spirits.

It is extremely crucial before you enter into a marriage or partnership that you see past your desires searching and examining your own motives to why you want to become one with the other person, while at the same time watching and listening to their desires in life.

Afterwards you may find out to do the right thing is to live with the knowledge your spirit’s glass will never be full from your partner to drink the good memories a “Complete Partner” would give you. There are no good answers for those in a half full/half empty relationship. Death is not a good answer. Divorce is not a good answer unless the relationship is violent, abusive, or harmful in any other way.

You can be two good people in a marriage or relationship and still be giving a half full/half empty to one another’s spiritual drinking glass in their soul. You can be devout church attending people and still be giving a half full/half empty to one another’s spiritual drinking glass in their soul. You can be upstanding citizens of your community and still be giving a half full/half empty to one another’s spiritual drinking glass in their soul.

You may have heard the statement “alone in a crowd“. This can be seen as a person who is physically not alone standing in a physical crowd of other people. So, physically “alone in a crowd” would not be true, but if you look at the inside of a person to their heart, mind, and soul than it can be true “alone in a crowd“. This statement is referring to being physically present with other people, but the people around you can be far away from perceiving and understanding the needs of your spirit. Just because a person chit chats or a general conversation does not mean it is filling the spiritual drinking glass inside the other person.

The co-workers you work with on a daily basis can be totally oblivious to how half full/half empty you feel every day. The perception and understanding of things is a discernment lost to the majority of mankind. People, marriages, and partners have eyes that can physically see, but are blind to perceiving the truth in others. People , marriages and partners have ears that can physically listen, but are deaf to understanding the real truth in others. A hard thing to live with on an half full/half empty glass in your spirit.


If you have a true best friend that sees and hears you more than all others you had better fight to keep them and do what you need to do to protect the relationship because they are the support to your drinking glass inside your spirit to keep going when your live-in partner of marriage or relationship don’t understand you leaving you feeling half full/half empty.


Abiding Time” is another a half full/half empty glass in their spirit a person faces on a daily basis. When you are not with the “Complete Partner” you find yourself “Abiding Time” physically going through the motions of working and providing as is expected of you while your spirit is standing in this world with all kinds of things you would like to go and do slipping away as the clock of life ticks by.

There are two deaths we all will face. One will be the day when our physical bodies die returning to the dust of the earth. The other will be the day when our spirit faces the path to eternal death or the path to eternal life based on what our spirit contains within it from all the different things we took in from our life time on earth.


If you are being the martyr sacrificing yourself as a caretaker of your marriage or partner to keep things with the appearance of a Complete Partnership the answer is to get the one who is greater inside you than the ones in the world (1 Jn. 4:4) To keep your sanity and your glass full with overflowing life is to allow God to move inside with your spirit.

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). You can have a “Complete Partner” relationship with Him as they did in the past and possibly greater depending on how much you give yourself to the relationship because there will be no misunderstanding you or not perceiving you. This spirit relationship with God is a promise of forgiveness and His power (Acts 2:38, 39) to live this life with more abundance (Jn. 10:10) than any other.

The only thing that will satisfy the thirst (Jn. 4:14) of your spirit living in a half full/half empty life is getting into a personal relationship with God. Don’t trust your spirit’s drinking glass totally on this world and the people in it because you will find more with the half full/half along with yourself. God longs for us to seek Him, reach out to Him, feel after Him and find Him, though He is not far from any one of us (Acts 17:27).

If you are blessed with a “Complete Partner” who understands you, gets you, and they can give you a wholeness feeling. Their love maybe enough to face death(s) in this world, but it will not enough to face the second death your spirit will face after this world. The majority of people don’t have the “Complete Partner” to help fill their spiritual glass full in this life. They are facing this life and the next life like a person “alone in a crowd” “abiding time” wondering how are they going to make it.

I am here to tell you, God CAN and WILL be your “Complete Partner“. You can be in that crowd, in a relationship, at work with co-workers who don’t understand while God is on the inside with Him accepting you and fulfilling you with His love that goes beyond all understanding.

He is still the same yesterday, today, and forever filling people with His Spirit into our little body containers overflowing with His joy unspeakable and full of glory (1 Pe. 1:8) that He has to speak for us (Acts 2:4) in that moment as a sign (Acts 2:11) to us and anyone around us He has joined as one with our spirit; and to finish this oneness with God all He asks us to do is to be baptized in Jesus name applying His sacrificial blood for us washing away all our sins (Acts 2:38) making us completely clean and a second chance on life.

Now, we have inside of us someone who can fill our spirit glass with overflowing love, truth (Jn 16:13), kindness, honor, protection, trust, hope, never failing (1 Cor. 13:4-8) us in filling our spirit’s glass with His life.

Start your new relationship with the real “Complete Partner” in this life and life to come. He takes away the “alone in a crowd” and makes the “abiding time” feel successful, and supports you when dealing with those who thinks “It is their world and you live in it“.

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