The Origin Within

We all have a world of things going inside of us that is vast like the universe with thoughts, plans, emotions, and ideas. What happens inside of us is invisible to everyone until we reveal it. What is inside of us is the most crucial part of our existence. Who we are and the origin we came from is absolutely way beyond our minds, but gloriously rewarding to explore. Come with me as we explore the origin of who you are from the “The Origin Within”.

Your origin goes back before the earth’s clock of time was started. Already it is a “Wow” your origin was “before the earth’s clock started“. This is during an existence when there was nothing created that had a countdown to death or an ending.

There was only One God (Spirit substance) before all things who was, is, and always will be the Omnipotent (ALL power), Omnipresent (everywhere at once ALL at the same time with no limit of distance), and an Omniscient (knowledge of ALL things) God.

  • I know this is a mind blowing thing, but hang in there because this is your origin. This is why you are so vast inside your body with your invisible to the world thoughts, plans, and ideas. This is why some of the battles you face are at the level they are because you are from Him.


God (ALL Power, ALL Present, and ALL Knowing) brought Adam out from within His ALL present Spirit. God gave His fire of life to power Adam’s body (the first son) with his own standalone life source.

  • This is where it came from for us to have the fire power of life to live in these bodies. Our origin to live. Isn’t that cool that your living right now is the fire of life from God, Himself. You are here because He sent you. Another sobering thought about our fire of life to live is that it is eternal, not our fleshly bodies, but our spirit.

Simply put: God put inside Adam His eternal power of fire to live, God’s presence of substance to hold a solid form, and God’s intelligence to know.

This explains Acts 17:28 “For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.

  • God created mankind in His likeness and in His image if God were to be of solid form. You and I have a portion of His substance of ALL Power, ALL Presence, and ALL Knowing. This does not mean our portion gives us the power to do whatever we want, but it does mean if we are in unison with God we can say, “…to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Mtt. 17:20).

God created Eve from within Adam. God took from with Adam and created Eve (a woman). Do you see the pattern? God took from within Himself and made Adam. He took from within Adam to make Eve. At this point man, the first son, came from within God and woman, the first daughter, came from within Adam.


Matryoshka doll is seen as only ONE wooden doll (God). If you look inside that one doll you’ll see another doll (Adam, man). Now, you see two dolls (God and Adam). If you look inside the second doll you’ll see another doll (Eve, woman). Now, you see three dolls (God, Adam, and Eve). If you open the third doll and so on you will see many other dolls (children of mankind). All are from within that ONE all containing doll being the origin of all things from within.

If everyone of us could be put back inside our parents and they were put back inside theirs and every generation put back like that Matryoshka doll it would take us back to Eve being put back inside Adam and Adam being put back inside God – our origin. Does that not make you stop and think? You are a part of that fire of life God started with mankind a long time ago. Do you realize how special and unique from all other creations you are?

This should explain why you have some of the troubles you have because of the jealousy the other fallen eternal creations that do not have the personal fire of God inside them. They wanted to rob God of all His goodness and make it their own, but He turned around and gave away His goodness to you and me calling us His children (offspring) made in His image and likeness. Wow, is it not a sobering thought that we are the children of this ALL Powerful, All Present, and ALL knowing God? This is like standing on the tallest thing you have ever stood on and gazing over the vastness as far as your eye sight can see knowing it continues beyond your sight.


For us to be from God Himself as His children freedom of choice was an absolute necessity because has complete freedom of choice. For a choice to exist there must be a “no” to a “yes”, a “wrong” to a “right”, and an “evil” to a “good”. Adam and Eve had a choice of everything was good to do as they pleased, except for ONE tree of the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil. Another words this one tree (like a fallen angel) was corrupted with having known good, but chose to mix evil with the intent of gaining more power than God Himself.

The devil tempted Eve to go against God’s one law for more power bringing her up to God’s level of equally. Our disease, murders, rape, sicknesses, pains, and sorrows have the origin from Eve and Adam’s choice to eat this ONE and only forbidden thing from God in all the earth. Now, a separation has taken place because of sin and breaking the law invoked the judge’s sentence of death, pain, and sorrow.

This is the “Hold On” part from God. This is the “Wait a Minute, you are not taking my children from me”, but the law is the unchangeable law from an unchanging God. God being God said, “OK” then if the death penalty has to be done then I will put in place within the generations to come a promise seed that will pay that price and for the releasing of all His children from death row back into His loving arms.


Watch this pattern because it leads right back to the inside of you. It is your spirit that is behind your eyes that are reading these words right now that the origin is from God. God’s promise is coming from within you to save you if you will allow Him.

Recap: God, Adam (first son) from within God, Eve (first daughter) from within Adam. Sin entered in Eve and Adam by swallowing inside them the disobedience to the law covering them and all of us with the death, sickness, pain, suffering, and sorrow penalty.

God put inside (within) a birth of a son (within mankind) that will occur in the future generations that will crush the head of death while death bites his heal injecting the death penalty (Ge. 3:15), but the difference is this child will be born without sin. The purity of this sinless child will invoke the debt has been paid in full for all of mankind and rise again to live forever more.

We can be saved from an eternal death of torment and sin, but it must take place within us. Within God Adam was born, within Adam Eve was born, within Adam and Eve children were born; and all the generations that followed were born from within. Our salvation must be born from within for to see without.

The born again plan of salvation from God is a “within” thing. Jesus was born within man’s trials and temptations of sin to go through it all being tempted as we are, but not falling or failing facing sin (Heb. 4:15). Jesus had the fullness of God within him (Col. 2:9) walking among us (Jn. 1:1,2,14) to save us from the death penalty (Heb. 2:14-18). God is a within God of all things.

The born again of the water and of the spirit Jesus spoke of to Nicodemus in Jn 3 was a “within process” that Peter revealed what God meant by “born of the water and of the spirit” because Nicodemus thought the “within process” was entering his mother a second time when he was now old. Jesus tried to show Nicodemus that flesh is born within flesh, but what he was talking about was Spirit being born within spirit (Jn. 3:6).

Peter revealed what God’s “Within” plan of salvation meant. When the people asked, Peter what they must do to be saved. Acts 2:38

  • He said the firstwithin process” is to repent within for the present sinning and the past sins you have done turning your back on them to never want to do them again.
  • *The second “within process” was to be baptized within water being submerged in the name of Jesus applying the blood within that name of Jesus (No blood in Father or Holy Ghost) to wash away ALL your sins.
  • The third “within process” was to receive the promise of the Holy Spirit of God within you with the evidence like as the believers (Acts 2:4,6,11…) the inside total surrendering to God allowing Him to come forth (Jn. 4:14 “…in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”) from within you speaking with your voice another language as God gives you the utterance for the occurring spirit birth within.

Within God: Adam was born, within Adam: Eve was born; within them both: sin was born into ALL of mankind; within mankind (Mary): Jesus Christ was born without sin; within Jesus: salvation was born; within repentance: was the first step of change; within water baptism in Jesus name: was washing away of ALL sins; and within the Spirit: our spirit is born again.


The origin of your spirit is from God Himself. You are His child and within you is the power of choice. God does not want your eternal fire of existence to live anywhere else, but with Him. This is why your life has the things fighting against it. You are His child and the jealousy of evil wants to drag you down with them. If you decide you want your Almighty Father back in your life that within itself decision will be unstoppable.

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