Believer Can Be An Unbeliever

Did you know that you and I can be divided in the things we believe? We can pick and choose things we want to believe and other things we refuse to believe. We have inside our minds the knowledge of good and evil voicing their influence of which way we should go. We can face something in life that is whole and complete within itself, but our believing can be divided not changing the whole and complete object we are partially believing in. The thought is we are not whole in our beliefs towards something that is complete. As an … Continue reading Believer Can Be An Unbeliever

Only One Can Control Evil

Welcome to exploring God and His word. It is an adventure past the surface where the devils and mankind fears to go, but where there is the perfect love of God there is no fear because He will cast it away (1 Jn. 4:18) from us who dare to peer into the invisible things of God. You and I are safe to freely seek God, reach out to Him, and discover the things about Him though He is not far from everyone of us (Acts 17:27). KEPT SEPARATE and CONTAINED When I look back at creation and even before our … Continue reading Only One Can Control Evil

Your Word(s) Stops Me

How can a word physically stop you? When the word or words are spoken it has no physical restraining form to physically grab you and stop you. The word can hit your ears and enter your brain, but you can pass right through it like a ghost or like a whispering wind. Yet, there are words that stop me and you. I believe after reading this you will find words that stop you. Can words alone really stop you? CHILDHOOD What is the earliest memory you have of a word spoken to you that meant “don’t do it”? There is … Continue reading Your Word(s) Stops Me

God Above Everything Else

“God Above Everything Else” is a good question to ask yourself. Is there anything, anything that I have put above God? My mom, my dad, my brother(s), my sister(s), relatives, pastor, teachers, youth leaders, boyfriend, girlfriend, anyone, or anything I have put above God? Is there anything I value as more important than God? God is a title that must perfectly fit in all areas. Would it be right to use the title God loosely when trying to identify something or someone as the greatest and there is no other greater? The title “God” should be number one in knowledge, … Continue reading God Above Everything Else