What Man Did With God’s Substance

“Substance” is the real physical matter of which a person or thing consists in which has a tangible, solid presence. All the things we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch from our physical body of substance.


First let us classify God in our best level of understanding. God is the present everywhere at once, knowing all things instantly, and the power of all things. Simply put God is Spirit. A spirit “…does not have flesh and bones…” (Lu. 24:39). Spirit does not have physical substance, which makes it easier for us to understand how God can be everywhere at once, having all knowledge of all those places at once, and is the sustaining power of all those places to keep their existence going. Wow, I know.

I have other articles about God being Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. This one is about “Substance” – physical creation.


In the book of Genesis we read that in the beginning God created the sun, moon, stars, and planets that we observe from the earth. He formed the earth separating the water from the ground, and the atmosphere into air. The grass, trees, flowers, and all other vegetation He brought forth from the ground. He created the moving creatures in the water, on/in the ground, and the ones who could fly in the air. In the library of your mind you can see different creatures swimming, the various creatures moving over the ground, and the diverse flying creatures of the air.

Among all the substance (water, ground, and air) God created there were none like Him, no children. God wanted a child to reflect what His Spirit would be like if He were a substance in image and likeness form. God took from the substance of the ground, the water, and the air creating a physical substance in His image and in His likeness of what His Spirit would be like in physical form. Man was the only (ONLY!) creation of substance with the life force fire of God’s eternal Spirit inside a physical substance. There was NOT, is NOT, and will NOT be (past, present, or future) any other substance with the responsibility of mankind.

All of the other substances (space, oceans, land, or air) outside of us do not have the Spirit of God inside their substance with the eternal flame of life, intelligence, and power. This is the time to allow your imagination to start cycling through all the creations you have witnessed or even heard about to see if you can find any known substance that has the Spirit of God’s flame of life in image or likeness of Him inside of them compared to us (take a few moments).

We, mankind, in all of creation are the only ones who have the substance (physical form) containing THE Image and THE Likeness of the One and True Almighty God. The birds do NOT carry inside their feathered substance the responsibility that we do. The lions do NOT carry inside of their furry substance the expectation that we do. The fish do NOT carry inside their scaly substance the free will that we do.


On the earth there were only three things that had God’s concern. There was one tree in the middle of the garden that had within its substance the knowledge of good and evil mixed. There was another tree in the middle of the garden that had within its substance eternal life. The last substance in the middle of the garden had within itself the image and likeness of the One True God – his children (Adam and Eve).

Only these three had a special eternal part within their substance. There was no rule or rules in place concerning the tree of life (all good) in the middle of the garden. It was completely free to eat it’s substance from if that was the free will choice. The children/offspring of God, Adam and Eve, had only one restrictive warning upon all the earth and all the other 99 choices had no consequences. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil (sin, separation, and death) had a rule/law upon it’s substance that if the free will choice ate of it death would be the results.


Use your imagination to rotate through the substances in space, the oceans, in the air, and all upon the ground to find only one tree had a spiritual law upon its substance (fruit). God’s one Spirit Word law was on the substance of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. All, and I mean ALL, others were absolutely free to do as it pleased because there was no evil inside their substances at this point.

The one Spirit Word law from God given to his children, Adam and Eve, was 100% based upon “what they would do with that substance“. The birds did not have to worry about substance choices. The animals of the ground or waters did not have to worry about substance choices.

The one Spirit Word law was totally based upon “what we will do with the substances around us“. It was not the substance and outer space; it was not the substance of the water, ground, or air; it was not the grass, trees, or any vegetation; it was not the creatures in the water, ground, or air’s fault for sin in entering into the earth.


When Eve and Adam, God’s children, made the choice of eating the substance of the one and only forbidden Spirit Word law fruit it affected all the earth. Their substance choice made the decision for the entire water, ground, and air elements. It brought death into the animal world where the lion cannot lay down with a lamb without eating it. A mouse or rabbit cannot cross an open field without a bird killing it for its prey. Fish cannot freely swim without the dangers of other bigger fish eating them. All three of the water, land, and air have to be aware of man’s hunting actions.

Death to all substance was brought into being because of what Eve and Adam did with God’s only forbidden substance. It is all about what we have done with God’s substance. We have taken the substance of the earth and formed weapons into arrows, knives, bullets, and bombs. It is what we have done with God’s substance not what God’s substance has done with us.


From the times of NO technology to the present day of a flood of new technology man still makes a choice of what to do with the substance around him. Mankind is still making choices like Eve and Adam about the substances. What substance do you look at and decide to go ahead and do it?

It is not knife substance’s fault on how it is being used. It is “the choice” of a spirit child of God deciding for the knife. It is not the plant’s substance fault on how it is being used. It is the choice of mankind experimenting with the plants forming it into something else for drinking, smoking, or shooting up with needles. There is no other creation substance responsible for the evil in this world, except us who are made from the ground, the water, and the air with God’s image and likeness upon us – mankind.

Your body is the substance inherited from your family and ancestors, but your spirit is still the eternal life existing force from God creating a unique you. You are born into this body of substance making choices for yourself and all the substances around you. Everything we do is all about the choices of what we do with the substances God has given us here on earth.

The choices are what we decide to do with our bodies, food/drink, clothes, phones, internet, etc, and other people’s bodies. What we do with the substances here on earth has the effects of our eternal home for our child given spirit from God after our body (subsance) dies.


It is all about the substance. God is still giving us the freedom of choice over the substance in this world. He blocked us after sinning from the substance of the tree of eternal life to keep us from being eternally damned like the fallen angels. In our substance state there is still a choice we can make to reverse the sentence of death upon us.

God put a focal point of His Godhead inside a virgin girl creating a seed of mankind He could live inside (Col. 2:9). God put His children inside a body of substance and to save us He put Himself inside a body of substance for the sole purpose to give us a choice again. He came in a substance vessel made of the earth, water, and air. Jesus, the substance, died on the cross taking all the sins with him in his death paying our debt with his own blood.

Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might break the power of him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death” (Heb. 2:14).

The body of Jesus, God in the flesh (Jn.1:1, 2, 14), faced all the temptations of substance the devil, mankind, and what this world had to offer. Jesus made all the right choices and did the right thing with all the substances of this world for our sake. God gave us a substance choice through the man Jesus Christ of the tree life once again for all of eternity.


Our Repentance Substance Part – Earth:

To choose the substance’s gift God gave us through Jesus Christ (1) is for our spirit inside to turn away (repent) from the bad substances in this world never wanting them again.

God’s Water Substance Part – Water:

The next phase to getting God’s substance’s gift upon us (2) is to be baptized in water substance submerging ourselves completely under water in the name of Jesus Christ, which the name of Jesus has the pure blood substance inside it to wash away all, I did say, “ALL”, our sins in that water substance.

God’s Spirit Substance Part – Air:

The infilling of God’s Spirit inside our substance (bodies) is shown by receiving the gift of His Holy Spirit with the evidence through our substance (mouth) speaking with a language our substance (tongue) has never learned naturally, but given by the Holy Spirit’s utterance sealing us with the total inheritance to come when we leave these substance bodies of this world. (Acts 2:4, 38; Eph. 1:13; Gal. 2:20)


It is all about OUR choice of the substance. God is still giving us the freedom of choice over the substance in this world. If we choose the substance of Life God gave us through Jesus Christ it will no longer be us living inside our substance alone, but with Him inside of us like a roommate. The life we live here on earth in our bodies (substance) will be by His faith, His love, and His giving of Himself to us (Gal. 2:20).

We can reverse the wrong substance choice through the strength and power of Jesus Christ being the greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world (1 Jn. 4:4).

We should want to do the right thing by the substance God has given us. What are you doing with the substance in your life?

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