Death Is Stuck With You

Death is something we all learn with time. Television does not completely drive the point and the severity of death. We are all somewhat desensitized until we experience death first hand with someone close to us. The experience can be anywhere from a pet to a person seeing the what we perceive to be as a final separation by the power of death. After someone close to us passes away the sobering reality of death slowly soaks into our minds making us conscious of the power of death. As time goes by we encounter the different methods death uses on … Continue reading Death Is Stuck With You

Sorry Won’t Leave

Let us go back to when you were very small and innocent. Do you see yourself at a time when you did not know any better? Do you see yourself saying something or doing something you should not have done? Later on, your mind starts understanding the depth of your mistake of words or actions. You realize what you said or did cannot be undone. You cannot travel back in time and erase it or do it differently. Now, you have a video in your head of that terrible thing you said or did with the thought of no matter … Continue reading Sorry Won’t Leave