Beyond All Creations

God created angels in the knowledge of good and light with the freedom of choice. Some of them made the choice of taking the knowledge of evil mixing it with their created knowledge of good. They were taken over by evil and kicked out of heaven separated, contained and controlled. ONLY God can handle inside Himself both the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil. If I AM going to create another being I want it to be like Me if I were of solid form, God could have thought. God took His All Knowing, All Powerful, and All … Continue reading Beyond All Creations

The Man Made of Words

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The “Word” was the plan like a detailed blueprint in the Spirit of God. God does not need a paper blueprint laid out to turn from page to page refreshing His memory. His Spirit was holding the embodied thought of the complete plans for a design of Himself if He were to be in solid form. We do not need to separate God in thinking He needs a counterpart to help Him with His designs of creations. The “Word” sounds separate when you … Continue reading The Man Made of Words

I Cursed Myself

“I Cursed Myself” is something you think about that you have done to yourself. You look back to your past seeing with a fresh and open mind the things you said, the things you have done and/or the things you should have done with the understanding “I did that“, and “I Cursed Myself“. Sometimes in life you wake up with the dawn of early light shinning in through the window of your mind to a dark area you had never seen before. Your eyes slowly focus on it with a blur to clearly seeing it as it truly is causing … Continue reading I Cursed Myself

You Can’t Go With Me

You and I were born together. We experienced life at the same time. From the moment we opened our eyes we started seeing life together. When you were hungry I heard you crying for someone to come feed you. We laughed together when they tickled us. When they would say words to you I helped you repeat them. We were partners from the beginning. We were meant to be together experiencing everyday life. We caught onto the signals and sounds the adults were showing us. Some we liked and some we did not like. We found out together we cannot … Continue reading You Can’t Go With Me

My Heart Is Heavy

My heart is heavy when I think of you. I feel a slow sadness seeping down through my system when I look at what all you have done. The feeling of brokenness begins to crack my walls of pride. I feel gravity lowering my head in shame and my knees bowing my body in humbleness before your love. The questions roll in like a flood rushing down through the gorge of my mind pounding against the trees swaying them as to the “whys” you did what you did. The “what, when, and where” you would even want to help me … Continue reading My Heart Is Heavy