God‘s Will is Better

Most of the time when we are thinking about “God’s Will” we are in a position of facing something in this world out of our control or a destiny we want in God before leaving this life. At that moment it is our will asking God for His will. It is a moment of our will feeling the weakness and powerlessness reaching towards God for His All Powerful will. The “cannot do” or “cannot change” desiring will on our part surrendering to the “can do All things” and the “nothing impossible” to God’s part.

Often our prayers are based on our thinking and our will for God to change what is happening to us and others. We are asking God from our level of understanding, wants, and desires to change what is happening to us or around us here on earth. We pray from a vision of what is directly before us, present earth side view, and not from a view that is above, below, behind, past, present, and future. Our needs can blind us to what is best and be out of sync as to what God has set in motion as an order of good things. It is hard to see clear when you are pain and just want relief right now.

You and I can pray from our emotions and understandings recklessly, while God answers us out of wisdom and a totality of knowledge. I can pray save my son even if it takes destroying the sun from shining in the sky. This would be a reckless prayer and not out of wisdom because of the outside ramifications that would happen if God answered that prayer. Praying “do whatever it takes” often opens the door to very tragic thing or things to happen when we have an example of Pharaoh ignoring all the signs from God leading up to his own son’s death according to his own words and still not changing his attitude towards God. There are things in life that will happen with us or without us. It is better to get into God’s will with His goodness and mercy that endures forever.


We all wonder “what is God’s will” a time or two in our lifetime. I still wonder to this day what exactly is God’s perfect will. The reason I said, “perfect will” is because our minds sometimes overthink or assumes it has complete understanding only to find out later we had missed His will a little bit, but He worked it out to the good hence the beauty of the scripture “And we know that all things work together for good…” Ro. 8:28. Also, when we make mistakes God always works it out because our mistakes “…can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” 2 Cor. 13:8. It is awesome in our falling down God is always reaching to pull us up and keeping things on track. God’s will always have a course of action in place going forward in time.

God’s will can be simple and sometimes a complicated thing. The one thing that is easy and beautiful to look at when it comes to God’s will is creation. On a crystal clear night when the temperature is just right to lay on your back and stare at the stars watching them twinkle and shine in the black silhouette sky reveals God’s will working in a non-stop process and flow of time. Feeling the sun’s heat and the power of it’s light on a hot day reminds me of God’s will that mankind can nothing against. All of us, mankind, can see clearly God’s invisible character, His eternal power, and divine nature with the understanding by what we have seen made leaving us without excuse to His plans of functions in creation (Ro. 1:20). These are creations that will continue to do what He created them to do expressing His will in plain sight to us all.

I see a cycle of God’s will and process that mankind cannot stop even if he tried, which makes me glad. What if mankind could destroy the sun? It would kill us all. What if mankind could change the earth spinning on it’s axis? There would be mass destruction of tidal waves and destructive weather all over the earth. What if man thinks he can make nature better with altering DNA, chemicals, and other experiments correcting what he thinks God failed at doing? The bad things in this life came from Adam and Eve’s decision inviting evil to take over everything with the belief it would give them more power and control equal with God (Gen. 3:1-6). The knowledge of evil thinks God’s knowledge of good is flawed and needs adjustments. How does something good need adjustment when there is no evil in it? The flaw is when the will of evil tries to be the will good becoming something it is not.


This next statement is tough to process, but in God there are two sides. God has the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil. God is the ONLY ONE who can handle both of them without taking Him over. God chose things, His Will, in creation out of the knowledge of good only with NO knowledge of evil in their creation. Only the creation’s with freedom of choice can corrupt themselves by choosing the knowledge of evil. The two sides of the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil cannot be stopped. Only God can separate, contain, and control them. Any other creation outside of God is doomed to be taken over by the knowledge of evil. The two sides have that “you can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth” in them. Evil will be evil and good will be good. Another words you and I cannot stop death no more than we can stop the sun in space from shinning. The will of God from the two sides have a flowing process and function only God can change, but it has to be changed on God’s level of power, hence God inside Jesus.

We are born into the will of the knowledge of evil. Thanks, to Adam and Eve’s free will choice. You do not have to teach a child to lie when they are caught stealing a cookie. You don’t have to teach selfishness in children or people. We live in a day where the knowledge of evil has increased developing people who are lovers of themselves, lovers of money only, braggers, arrogant, disobedient to good things, ungrateful, no morals, cold hearted, irreconcilable, spreading malicious media lies, no self control, haters of good, treacherous methods, reckless in actions, their way or be cancelled, lovers of selfish pleasures than lovers of what is right, and all the while pretending with an outward appearance of being good and denying the real physical truth (2 Tim. 3:1-7). The will of the knowledge of evil in action in our present day and in our history.

Only God can pull us out of the will of the knowledge of evil into the will of the knowledge of good teaching us how to separate, contain, and control evil and darkness. God’s will is a flowing process and function that will not be stopped. When God told Adam and Eve eating of the tree of the knowledge of evil would bring death there was no stopping it. Adam and Eve died later on in this life bringing the curses of disease and hardships upon all of us and the earth. God created nothing in the knowledge of evil because His will was a flowing and functioning creation only in the knowledge of good while His choice was to separate, contain, and control evil in its place.


God has two types of knowledge within Himself of which no creation was meant to possess. They both have power, presence, and resulting affects of consequences. God is an eternal being with All Knowledge, All Power, and All Presences. The knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil has God’s power in them, but the will of God has made been clear with His choice meant for the knowledge of good to go free and the knowledge of evil to be separate, contained, and controlled. Some creations with the intelligence of free will choice mixed, released, and surrendered themselves to the will of the knowledge of evil. Any other creation outside of God is doomed to be taken over by the knowledge of evil.

Do you see the two wills that cannot be stopped? The will of life and the will of death cannot be stopped. They are both eternal. I hope the light of understanding is showing you which one you want to be in forever. We are born in alignment with the will of the knowledge of evil, but God has put a solution and an answer that only God can provide to counter and pull us out of the will of death and hell.

Getting the will of God is getting into the eternal non-stoppable stream of the knowledge of good course of action. The only escape from the destiny and the will of the knowledge of evil is through the answer and payment of Jesus Christ, God Himself in flesh Col. 2:9 reconciling the world unto Himself. “To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them….” 2 Cor. 5:19. This is why choosing “God’s Will is Better” because the knowledge of good is the side God wants and desires while He wants the knowledge of evil to be separated, contained, and controlled.

There is no better roommate to have inside your mind, heart and soul than the salvation, wisdom, and fellowship of Jesus Christ who has gone through the barrage of evil in this world maintaining a sinless life void of the infiltration, reckless ways, and out of control knowledge of evil. Jesus made the way, the truth, and the life for us to enter in the powerful flow of God’s good will for mankind.


I was in church and it was the moment of prayer for all the different needs from sickness, tragedies, and other things beyond our control. As I was praying that still small voice I have come to know over the years spoke to me “God’s will is better than healing“. This was a different angle I had not thought about before. We all personally want our loved ones, ourselves, and others to be healed and not to suffer. The reason for these daily issues is the result of a mixed, released, and surrendering to the knowledge of evil by Adam and Eve condemning the world. Prayer is a very common care and desire we naturally have in our hearts when it comes to suffering and horrible events.

I started of thinking of God’s will in front of my prayer request and the after affects of my prayer request in God’s will. I may want immediate healing, which He can do with no problem, but God’s will may have something else in mind with greater results down the road of lessons to be learned or bringing attention to something that is hid being more harmful. God thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways higher than our ways (Is. 55:9). If God answered all our prayers instantly as we personally wanted then we would become spoiled children with no wisdom and no deep appreciation of good over evil.

We can see from the beginning to the end of the Bible many examples of God’s will compared to angel’s will and mankind’s will. The results stand out very much when looking at the after affects of God’s will and man’s will. It is not God’s fault that evil happens because mankind was the ones that set evil free. Our world history is full of those who gained power over a large number of people and failed miserably as it is prevalent today. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is more common than the other side of the coin of the knowledge of good. Choosing the selfish will of the knowledge of evil always ends with misery and destruction for all.


There are things in place that are unstoppable by mankind. There are functions in place that are unstoppable by mankind. The knowledge of evil will happen and mankind cannot stop it. The knowledge of good will happen and mankind cannot stop it. Mankind can only agree with one of the two. It is a choice only we can make and not a force we can change by ourselves. Mankind agreed to the knowledge of evil in the beginning unleashing all the horrible ways to die upon the earth. Mankind can agree with the knowledge of good found in the power of Jesus Christ today, freeing ourselves from this world’s birth contract of a horrible eternal death and a corrupt mindset.

It became very clear if there are two sides that are going to happen whether I like or not, the “…nothing against…but for…“. We know evil will happen in this world and good will happen in this world with a non-stop cycle of time until God completes His mission of separating, containing, and controlling once again the knowledge of evil from His children, us. The knowledge, action, and results of evil are only allowed to work inside time. Outside of time and inside eternity evil is kept separated, contained, and controlled under strict and unbreakable orders of God. Getting into the unstoppable stream of God’s good will is better than our falling short selfish ideas of prayers.

Seeing past ourselves and loved one’s present suffering is a very difficult thing to do and nearly impossible, but with God anything is possible. God will answer prayer, but it may not exactly match what we lined out in our prayer. Praying in wisdom will help us to flow with God’s will and knowledge of good. We can demand healing, but what if the healing comes and the person healed lives a second chance life full of sin, dying again, and loses their soul to the fate of the knowledge of evil? Would you not believe it had been better for them to have died in a humble and saved state than dying in a “sin as much as you can while you can” state?


The suffering in this world is horrible both physically and mentally. Evil has continued to reveal its many different methods of suffering upon all of us from generation to generation. We hate with a compassion the diseases that have plagued our loved ones and friends. We have watched and experienced from a child to adulthood the disturbing affects of the knowledge of evil in action. The almost 100% free will of evil Adam and Eve unleashed upon all the earth by their free will choice has been almost unbearable, but thank God for His free will choice to insert into the flesh of mankind the promise of a second chance at living a life in the knowledge of good having the power to separate, contain, and control evil inside our lives, but again it is a free will choice on our part. What unstoppable good or evil stream will we choose this day?

Two offerings were presented to God and one was approved and the other fell short and was not approved, but it was not the end of the world and last chance. It was a choice of agreeing with the flow of the knowledge of good or remaining on the side of the knowledge of evil. One brother’s short coming in the offering decided his solution and conclusion from the knowledge of evil to kill his brother Abel as an answer instead of simply adjusting and doing better next time. We see this in the world news and our local news daily. The choices people make either fall into the category of the knowledge of evil or the knowledge of good determining the outcome of their will and their fate just like Lucifer, Adam, Eve, Paul and Peter.

A man had a fatal disease and did not want to die that way. He was told to dip seven times in the river Jordan and he would be healed according to God’s good will. This sick man had an expectation inside his head of what would happen, but was disappointed when it did not go the way he wanted it. He started complaining when it did not match his will. The sick man was given wonderful advice matching his ego of doing some great thing he would have done it. The sick man obeyed dipping seven times in the river Jordan and came up healed completely on the seventh time. He would have lost his life sticking with the knowledge of evil, but he gained his life accepting the will of the knowledge of good (2 Kings 5:3-15). Jesus prayed in the garden that God‘s will be done and not his, which his suffering, death, and resurrection brought us all a second chance at eternal life learning the ways of the knowledge of good. Apostle Paul kept going towards Jerusalem even when he was told otherwise because he knew all the people that could be saved was better than his personal desires considering their souls were at stake.

Doing things God‘s way and following His will has divine results and disobedience towards God‘s will brings destruction. “For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” 2 Cor. 13:8 He is a father who loves his children guiding and working them towards good results if we will only listen to his will. These two sides of knowledge of good and evil will, will, will keep doing what their nature dictates, but our free will choice decides of the two endings we prefer and my conclusion is “God’s Will is Better” with the ending results of the knowledge of good. I hope you can feel His powerful love embracing your mind, heart, and soul longing to help you out of the stream of the knowledge of evil’s influence. May God richly bless you.

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