Meant To Be

What were you “Meant To Be“? Just asking the question, what you were “Meant To Be” has a sad tone to it because it is saying right now as you read these words, you are not what you thought you were “Meant To Be“. Some reading this will be very sad, some will be just a little sad with possibly others being angry. I want you to know, I am sorry for those who had the good “Meant To Be“. This life is to short living with sadness, regret, and feeling incomplete. It is a terrible thing to live with … Continue reading Meant To Be

Crumbs of Approval

It is the small things in life that count. A crumb is tiny thing that you see lying upon something far bigger than it is. A crumb is a small particle from bread, a cake, and other things broken off as a tiny portion of a bigger thing. We all have seen them on our counter tops, tables, and floors. A crumb is looked upon as something tiny and insignificant. A crumb is usually swept up by a broom, wiped with a towel, blown off a surface, or vacuumed away. A crumb is not counted as important due to its … Continue reading Crumbs of Approval