Meant To Be

What were you “Meant To Be“? Just asking the question, what you were “Meant To Be” has a sad tone to it because it is saying right now as you read these words, you are not what you thought you were “Meant To Be“. Some reading this will be very sad, some will be just a little sad with possibly others being angry. I want you to know, I am sorry for those who had the good “Meant To Be“. This life is to short living with sadness, regret, and feeling incomplete. It is a terrible thing to live with … Continue reading Meant To Be

Fighting Myself

Have you ever found yourself wondering “why did I say that“, “why did I do that“, or “what was I thinking“? It is a moment when you realize there is something else going on here. You say to yourself, “I would normally never say or do that“. It is a frozen moment of time in your mind processing “what just happened“? I don’t know if you have had this experience with getting angry or not. It could be from some other emotion you have experienced. For many years I would easily get angry saying and doing things I would later … Continue reading Fighting Myself

Just For You

This evening I felt the Lord taking me back to the woman that broke the letter of the law by committing adultery and was sitting between a wall of men with rocks in their hands ready to stone her to death and on the other side one man left with the final word of her judgment. I see the woman in her village with all the people knowing her life style. When she walks down the street all the eyes look upon her with shame. She enters the store for supplies and she can feel the air is filled with … Continue reading Just For You

Behind Sufferings

Have you ever wondered or asked why was your life so filled with pains and sorrows? Has the ‘Why, me Lord?‘, ‘If it’s not one thing it’s another‘, or ‘Will it ever end?‘ ever crossed your mind or been spoken from your lips? Have you ever come to the place you thought you were destined to live the majority of your life with troublesome situations with only teasing moments of good times? Does it seem like the ones that come looking for you are misery, negativity, trouble, and frustration? As children the bad things we experienced caused us to store … Continue reading Behind Sufferings