Meant To Be

What were you “Meant To Be“? Just asking the question, what you were “Meant To Be” has a sad tone to it because it is saying right now as you read these words, you are not what you thought you were “Meant To Be“. Some reading this will be very sad, some will be just a little sad with possibly others being angry. I want you to know, I am sorry for those who had the good “Meant To Be“. This life is to short living with sadness, regret, and feeling incomplete. It is a terrible thing to live with all that inside your spirit.

No one truly knows your pain. They may hear your words of sadness, regret, and the feelings of incompleteness, but if it has not experienced inside their life they will truly not know how you feel. Most people will hear you and go on without a second thought with being content you are in their life. Your suffering is silent and a slow eating away acid dissolving your dream of what I was “Meant To Be“.

You breathe in and out doing your job and fulfilling the expectations of those in your life. Yet, life does not slow down as time ticks by, no matter if you are standing still or walking forward. Your mind is always wishing for the “Meant To Be” to somehow miraculously appear before you as an open door you could simply walk through.

Life has seen you laugh, cry, and appear to be normal as others. A another face in the crowd doing their thing and enjoying life, but underneath your outward face and appearance the longing in your heart is somewhere else. Your prayers and wishes seem to be old and far away echoes fading in the deep distant canyons with gray and dark clouds hovering above as the wind blows them away as whispering ghosts vanishing out of sight.

Your were “Meant To Be” something else than what you are now. God has a plan laid out for all of us that He would like to bless us with. We just made some decisions that detoured us from that divine plan. It was not His fault, but possibly the freedom of our choices or some things out of our control deviated us from that path. None the less, we are not presently what we were “Meant To Be“.


A man was told he needed to go and visit this house where a potter creates useful vessels. The understanding of what was “Meant To Be” will come clear to him. The man arose walked down to the town finding the potter’s shop. He opened the door as it swung to the right, stepping inside, he saw the potter sitting at his wheel spinning round and round. You could see the potter’s gentle and skillful hand trying to shape the clay into what he “Meant To Be“. Behind him was a shelf with all kinds of different pottery from the large to the small and the beautiful to the average. The room was silent with only the sound of the foot peddle methodically pressing the harmonious speed the potter desired.

The man stood there without saying a word as his thoughts absorbed the life of the clay being shaped in the hands of the potter. It was a beautiful sight to behold as the clay began to take shape of a wonderful vessel. As the clay was smoothly rotating in the hands of the potter something strange was in the clay. Something was bumping the potter’s hand as it came around each time it grew worse. The potter was trying to adjust, but suddenly the clay collapsed and fell inward. His wheel came to a stop as they both were staring at the crumbled clay.

The man stood there shocked at the sad outcome of the clay. His eyes turned toward the potter for his reaction, but there was nothing there except a continual holding of the clay in his hands. He would not let it go. He did not push it off the wheel into a basket for trash. The potter had an atmosphere about him of “it’s okay, I will do something else“. There was no hint “I am mad at you“, “you are no good“, or “I am done with you“. You have made your choice and what you were “Meant To Be” is lost.

The man standing there watching the potter as he slowly started the wheel to spin again. Hope filled the room for the clay to be made again something new. Standing there anxiously, the potter lovingly formed the marred clay into another useful vessel. A smile slowly appeared upon the potter’s face looking with love at the newly born again vessel. Trash was never in his eyes, but what can I do to help you to be what you were “Meant To Be“. Inspired from Jeremiah 18:1-6


The above story is a beautiful typology of God holding us in His hands doing His best, honoring our choices in this life, and trying to help us to be what we were “Meant To Be“. We were the clay that marred in His hands changing over to the shaping wheel of sin and the devil. God did not give up, but worked on us from the outside trying to reach our spirit on the inside for good choices. God, the potter of life, came inside a fleshly clay body as Jesus Christ providing another chance. He, the potter of life, walked among us showing us how to handle this world’s spinning out of control wheel of destruction. God, the potter of life, provided us with another wheel He could set us upon.

We can be (key words) born again as a new vessel in Christ with the smile of God upon us allowing another chance to be what we were “Meant To Be“. The first wheel of God was natural of the earth mixed with His Spirit of Life in the clay. We (Adam/Eve, mankind) marred ourselves in a bad spiritual decision choosing to follow the devil’s lies corrupting our clay and spirit. We all are now born on the wheel with sin as the potter. The second wheel of God was made of His Spirit mixed with a pure fleshly clay vessel. He can now take us from the wheel of sin and place us upon the second wheel making us new creatures in Christ creating all things new (2 Cor. 5:17).

You can still be what you were “Meant To Be“, but in a different and new way. It may not be exactly as you envisioned here on the earth, but the completeness and the fulfilled goal of your soul is still attainable. God will not let go of you or throw you away. You are not trash to Him. You are not replaceable like the devil looks at you when it comes to how God feels.


God’s beautiful second wheel is in the man Jesus Christ mixed with the one true God’s Spirit on the inside (Col. 2:9). Jesus/God came to take away all, I said ALL, your marred sins inside your clay and spirit. Jesus is the powerful wheel of God that the Potter of Life can once again reshape you into a good vessel. God can fix the path He had hoped you would choose, but you did not and you can once again be what you were “Meant To Be” through Jesus Christ.

Let God take your sadness, regrets, and feelings of incompleteness into His hands allowing Him the chance to fix what was “Meant To Be” in your life. On this wheel you will never be the same again. The power of God’s life and guidance will be inside your clay beside your spirit all the way through this life and carry you into the next. It is the greatest thing to be born again, set free, and have God as your roommate inside your clay with your spirit.

How can I be what I was “Meant To Be” in God? It is simply to repent with regret for the marred sins in your clay from this life, be baptized in Jesus name applying the potter’s blood, which is in the name for forgiveness that he shed on the cross washing away all your sins, and the final touch upon your clay is receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit of God with power of God speaking from within your clay through your voice praising God in a language God gives you, which is a sign to you that your clay has been totally born again of the water and of the Spirit (Jn. 3:5), made new in Christ Jesus inside and out (Acts 2:38).


After you are born again of the water and of the Spirit you now have the Potter and Wheel inside you. He can, if you allow Him, help your spirit to see the truth of things and enlighten you with His wisdom from above that is first pure, peaceable, gentle full of mercy and good fruits, easily to be given to others, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (James 3:17). Doesn’t that sound beautiful to have inside your life? This is a greater “Meant To Be” than this life could ever offer. I am no longer spinning on the wheel of sin in confusion, but now a life of clarity from God.

Now, you and I can be like the potter and the wheel through the power of Jesus Christ to reshape our attitude and adjusting to things in this life that we thought we were “Meant To Be” and doing them in the way God opens the door for us to do it fulfilling what we felt were our shortcomings.

If call on Him He will answer us directly. He will wrap his loving hands around our struggling times and touch our hearts where no man can go and comfort in a way no one else can reach. We can do something about our life with the power of the Potter (God’s Spirit) and His clay (Jesus). I want the Potter’s attitude about life when it seems like it is falling apart to not give up and throw it all away, but to hang on and try again.

First, be born again finding in God what you were “Meant To Be“. Spend your everyday wisely walking in the fellowship with God and His Word because you are exchanging what you do daily from a day given to you out of your life. We are all in the count days and life is to short to live with sadness, regrets, and incomplete. Be all that you are “Meant To Be” in God. May God bless you with an overflowing cup of fellowship all the days of your life.

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