If I Became Like God

“If I were God” has crossed many people’s minds. Situations in our lives have caused those thoughts from different emotions or curiosities of the imagination. In angry moments “If I were God” I would fry them all. “If I were God” I would not have let this happen. “If I were God” I would do away with and you fill in the blank. “If I Became Like God” does not have the freedom of all things we want to do like we think. The thoughts “If I were God” has more to it than we realize far beyond the power … Continue reading If I Became Like God

Hear What I Say

People say and do a lot of different things in life. As for most of us we just hear them in one ear and out the other. The time comes when that someone leaves us and dies from their body going to the great beyond. Then the care and want to remember the things they said is important to replay over and over in our minds because we miss them. “Hear What I Say” is about facing the death of a loved one and what they may say to us if they had the chance. “Hear What I Say” will … Continue reading Hear What I Say

My Today Person

I came home and put my stuff up from work. I started my routine of picking out my shoes, pants, and shirt. I finished with picking the socks and the rest of the under clothes. The thought came to me “my today person” was taking care of “my tomorrow person“. I had a moment of a slight laughter at myself for thinking “my today person was taking care of my tomorrow person“. It was quite amusing to me for the thought. I was taking care and preparing for the future for myself. The today attire hanging, sitting, and lying there … Continue reading My Today Person

God‘s Will is Better

Most of the time when we are thinking about “God’s Will” we are in a position of facing something in this world out of our control or a destiny we want in God before leaving this life. At that moment it is our will asking God for His will. It is a moment of our will feeling the weakness and powerlessness reaching towards God for His All Powerful will. The “cannot do” or “cannot change” desiring will on our part surrendering to the “can do All things” and the “nothing impossible” to God’s part. Often our prayers are based on … Continue reading God‘s Will is Better

Father’s Love

You don’t know a father’s or a mother’s love completely until you have a child born from the relationship. People can get really close to the feeling of what it is like, but the child born from the result of you both is on a whole different level of understanding. For the first time a father looks down to their baby at birth with the thoughts “this is blood of my blood“, “flesh of my flesh“, and “this is my child, a little me“. It is a love springing up from within and flooding your spirit unlike other types of … Continue reading Father’s Love