Zombies? Religious Zombies Real?

First of all, what is a zombie? The Merriam-Webster says a zombie is a will-less and speechless human creature held to believed to have died and been supernaturally reanimated…to resemble the so-called walking dead. The meaning of religious is basically someone showing a faithful devotion to a certain belief they have committed themselves into focus their life into following, but this is not for church type beliefs only, but power, wealth, and pleasures can be included. It is a status of the mind for something they desire to have. A zombie is a voodoo belief and in fictional (invented by … Continue reading Zombies? Religious Zombies Real?

Worse Thing for a Christian

A Christian is someone who has accepted God’s Bible plan of salvation from their sins. A second chance at this life living as a better person through the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit from the bad and sinful ways they had before. I have always thought the “Worse Thing for a Christian” would be what Samson went through in the book of Judges, but I believe I have found something far worse of a condition than Samson’s. I believe this is the most scariest thing for a Christian to have in their life. This understanding has shocked me into a … Continue reading Worse Thing for a Christian

Below the Bible

On our quest for God and the afterlife some people start from ground zero with no religious teachings at all. Some people are born into a family that takes them to church putting them at a different level of starting out searching for God and the acceptance into His heaven of eternal life. Others could be born into a religious family that make a career out of studying after God and eternal life. No matter your place in life we are all “Below the Bible“. As I was meditating upon the Lord He dropped a simple thought into my spirit … Continue reading Below the Bible

Live with a Free Conscience

As you become older and experience things whether it has been good for you or bad for you our minds log that memory, categorize it in the column of good, bad, fun, horrible, fantastic, and many other labels involving a high, medium, or low status in our conscience. The five senses of our bodies feed those experiences into our eternal spirit, which is the real driver of the body. The categories we put these experiences in is our conscience. Our conscience becomes a storehouse of a mix match of things. Our conscience is the doorway to our eternal spirit side … Continue reading Live with a Free Conscience


Welcome, I hope you enjoy reading about the thought that was given to me. Also, I hope I never come across to anyone as a “Know-It-All“. If I do know something that has become a fact to me, I always want you to explore it for yourself to the very end. Your personal strength is very important. I love for you to stand on solid ground within yourself. It is crucial that your mind, heart, and soul stands firmly inside the love of truth and God’s wonderful loving Spirit. We all have experience of putting too much faith and belief … Continue reading Know-It-All