Zombies? Religious Zombies Real?

First of all, what is a zombie? The Merriam-Webster says a zombie is a will-less and speechless human creature held to believed to have died and been supernaturally reanimated…to resemble the so-called walking dead. The meaning of religious is basically someone showing a faithful devotion to a certain belief they have committed themselves into focus their life into following, but this is not for church type beliefs only, but power, wealth, and pleasures can be included. It is a status of the mind for something they desire to have. A zombie is a voodoo belief and in fictional (invented by … Continue reading Zombies? Religious Zombies Real?

Love is Blind – Not

A great number of people when they hear the word “Love” instantly think of the saying, “Love is blind” with a reference of ignorance of reality or it is an emotion that makes people do stupid things. I am in agreement that the emotion of “Love” can cloud a person’s judgment. I have recently seen a side to “Love” that has shaken the dimensions of my thinking. I admit that I have shelved the word “Love” due to its emotional stereotype implications over the years, but the intellectual side of the word has gripped my mind. “Love” to most has been a roller coaster … Continue reading Love is Blind – Not