Love is Blind – Not

A great number of people when they hear the word “Love” instantly think of the saying, “Love is blind” with a reference of ignorance of reality or it is an emotion that makes people do stupid things. I am in agreement that the emotion of “Love” can cloud a person’s judgment. I have recently seen a side to “Love” that has shaken the dimensions of my thinking. I admit that I have shelved the word “Love” due to its emotional stereotype implications over the years, but the intellectual side of the word has gripped my mind. “Love” to most has been a roller coaster ride of feelings over the years. Some people have grown to hate the word “Love” for the trouble it has brought them believing in it. Some love the word “Love” and believe the whole world should embrace it instead of war. Mankind has defined “Love” as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person, place or thing. Songs, poems, plays, movies and many more things have been created for centuries for the word “Love“. I want to look at the intelligent side of “Love“.

It started one morning as I began to think about the word “Love” and the different places I would look into its blinding meanings because I have been blind sided it many of times. Some the pain went away after a time, but still a memory of sorrow that it happened. Love of a dream (whether a person, place or thing) can steal many years of your life only to realize that it was not meant to be. I will confess that I had a dream that I loved so much I made choices for that dream to make it come true, but with time I have realized I was blind and now I have to live with the punishment of those blind choices I made.

Now, back to the meanings of the word “Love” and its emotional influence of stupidity that I had categorized. As I began to think about the trouble “Love” gets a person into because it makes a person’s mind mush a thought interrupted my lopsidedness and pointed me to the Bible. The brakes in my mind came on hard at that thought and a wait a minute moment took over. I opened my Bible to 1 Corinthians chapter 13, which over the years became known to me as one of the “Love” chapters. In the King James version it uses the word Charity, which is interpreted as “Love“. I read in verse 4 love is patient and my wait a minute moment spoke loudly to me that this is not a blinding moment love has made a decision to be patient, therefore it was thought about, processed, and a conclusion was made to be patient. Wow and woe the horses love has a pair of eyes to it without blinders. I continued to read, love is kind and I thought how I make a decisions every day the level of reaction I give to others. I choose when to be kind and that is the intelligent choice from the side of Love. Oh, this is getting good. Love is not so stupid. Clear thinking can be actually involved with Love. I had to read on to discover more this side of love. It said that love does not envy, boast, not proud, not rude, not self-seeking, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs. Now my mind is started to get a little numb because envying, boasting, pride, rudeness, selfishness, anger, and keeping tabs on wrong doings are all mental choices for most people. God is talking about an intelligent love at work here and not a blind affection for something. In verse 6 it says love rejoices with truth. I have to admit I love when pure truth is involved because we live in such a society of pretenders and deceivers with ulterior motives that it is a rare moment when pure truth is openly present. Love rejoices with truth, which is a clarity moment and not blind moment. I read love always protect, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres and love never fails. My mind began to see fathers and soldiers making a clarity of mind choice to protect their loved ones. Decisions to keep pressing on with the belief of trust and hope that everything will turn out alright. I saw in the beginnings of our nation a perseverance to have a nation with freedoms. This is a side of Love that is clear thinking and precise reasons, which I understand now why God said with this in mind “Love never fails”.

God’s definition of Love is not the clichés we have come to know about its blindness, but about clear-headed choices. It is absolutely mind-blowing when you think about God inside of Jesus the man looking out through his eyes seeing the things he saw without frying people with lightning bolts and crushing them with boulders from out of no where. God’s love was intelligently making choices every day through the eyes and ears of the man Jesus towards us. There was no blindness in this kind of love, but raw understanding of what it will take to make things right for the ones you love. Oh, my goodness through the eyes of this kind of Love is not blind, but one hundred percent the opposite and pure clarity. I could not help but think of the moment when Jesus was surrounded by soldiers and Peter grabbed a sword to protect him. Jesus had such clarity of Love for all of mankind he let Peter know he could easily call for twelve legions of angels to come to his rescue, but chose not to resist for the end of this road was a greater reward for the redemption of all mankind (Mt. 26:53, 54).

The last verse of this “Love” chapter reads that there are three that remain: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Now, I am seeing love as a clear understanding of actions that need to be taken to do what is right in helping the wrong with this intelligent Love at the wheel driving the other two – hope and faith. Love can be very smart depending on what side of it you allow to speak. As for myself and you I hope a clearer understanding of the intelligent Love will reveal itself everyday.

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