What God is Made Of

God Is Spirit Have you ever wondered what God is made of? We know we are made of basically flesh, blood, bones, and spirit. To explore what God is made of we will need to venture into the Bible for the answers first. The Bible is written in terms that we can get an idea of the things about God. What is He like, His opinions, and goals. The term we can come close to understanding of “What God is Made Of” is Spirit. This understanding came from Jesus explaining to the woman at the well that worshiping God will … Continue reading What God is Made Of

A Better Way

Gifted people see things from a different angle than most people. They become frustrated when they try to help and no one will listen. I imagine our history of inventors were thought to be crazy, yet we have electricity powering our homes, our work places, our cars, our hospitals, our schools, and almost anything else you can think of. In the present day there are all kinds of things being invented and added to the usage of society. “A Better Way” is not always received. The resistance to trying something different and new is still rejected on all levels. Improving … Continue reading A Better Way

Light Bulb of Truth

You wake up every day with your eyes adjusting to the sight of your bedroom, your ears taking in the sounds of time to get up as the rest of your body goes into the getting up motions with your mind starting on the routine of things that need to be done. After a few more phases of getting yourself into the groove of physically functioning your thoughts begin to form on the past, present, and the future trying to devise a plan of action for the reality of truth that is facing you. The answers to our everyday life … Continue reading Light Bulb of Truth