Light Bulb of Truth

You wake up every day with your eyes adjusting to the sight of your bedroom, your ears taking in the sounds of time to get up as the rest of your body goes into the getting up motions with your mind starting on the routine of things that need to be done. After a few more phases of getting yourself into the groove of physically functioning your thoughts begin to form on the past, present, and the future trying to devise a plan of action for the reality of truth that is facing you. The answers to our everyday life seems to be right there in front of us, but we just can’t quite see it clearly. It is the answer that is right there on the edge of our mind or the tip of our tongue, yet it evades us once again. This has been with us since we were born into this world.

As children the process of understanding begins for us coming to the reality of truth through many different forms of softness and harshness. As children our bodies go through many experiences and changes while our minds try to absorb the “Whys”. When we skin our knees it is our minds that try to translate what is happening and what just happened to cause it. As we grow and mingle with other children and adults the questions become bigger and harder to understand. It is like a fog that shows a little of what is out there yet many things are still unknown. We have asked questions from our childhood days to our present day with answers that were covered in mist, partly clear in understanding yet lacking the clarity of pure reality truth.

Along our journey people of different persuasions whether personal philosophy or religious training have left us still hanging short of the clear understanding we really need. We have had the pacifying answers, half truth and half lie answers, the avoiding the subject answers, the politician answers, and the “I don’t know” answers. Wrapping our minds around something with understanding that has happened, is happening or going to happen gives us individually the ability to blow away the fog in front of us and see clearly the reality of truth in what we must do. How longing it becomes to have just pure raw truth of reality.

As a young person we all became tired and frustrated with others deceiving us for their personal pleasures. We allowed them to get close and know personal things about ourselves thinking we were enjoying life with a true friend only to find it out later they were using us because of our parent’s status, our connection with someone else they wanted, sports, our looks, or our car to drive them places.  We wanted real friends, not players. After a time we all get sick of lies and just want pure real truth. The “I just want truth” and no more smoke screens. These experiences change us and shape us for future encounters.

We all develop systems inside of ourselves on steps with dealing with first time meeting people at school, team sports, musicians, religious folks,  fellow employees at our jobs, and anyone new to us because we don’t want to be deceived again. In developing our systems to protect us from outside elements whether animals, environment, or people there is still that looming fog we have to deal with in every situation. It can be frustrating of “why did I not see that coming”, “how could I be so blind”, and “where did I miss seeing the clues”. This can turn into a lifetime of beating yourself up on questions.

With all the memory scars, physical scars, and haunting deeds done scars I found a place through the fog in this life to call refuge, paradise, and home. A place to go and ask all the questions I want as long as I have no fear of the reality truth I may find. I had tried many different things in this world from people, substance, and kicks with still that lost in the fog and something missing, incompleteness aching inside. A still small voice whispered in my mind “Why not try God?” I had to agree with that because I had tried everything else why not Him? The light bulb in my mind was not on about the “still small voice” story of a person who wanted to die as I had these same thoughts and how he had so many questions, doubts, and fears. He saw all kinds of things happening in from of him way bigger than himself, but it was the “still small voice” that really struck home inside of him the reality of truth (1 Kings 19).

The “still small voice” is where I found paradise in the midst of the hellish things around me daily. The “still small voice” is the Fog Lights that turns on in my mind pushing back and making the way clearer.  I went after the Bible for answers with no fear to ask questions for understanding finding it was acceptable to lay things out in front of God to gain wisdom and direction. The questions came in like a flood for me to give the Bible a chance to answer them. What does God hate? What do you think about hatred, love, sex, marriage, revenge, and the list went on. With patience the “still small voice” would drop the thoughts into my mind and the answers brings so many things than just comfort, but a divine guidance and balance on life.

There is a passage that reads:  But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth…” I at first took this to mean about things in the Bible, out in the environment, other people, and just things out there. I was wrong the guiding you into all the truth is more than just “Out There”. The guiding you into all the truth shined, shines and still shines the truth about things inside of my life (me), not just the Bible and things out there. You talk about free as the wind blows, warm as the sunshine, and the sweet smells of roses is when you are set free inside with God’s revealing reality of truth about yourself (“… but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” Mt. 7:3). The two things that have plagued me all my life is not seeing the deceptions in me, around me, and truly hearing want was going on. I want to see past the surface of all things and the source do that I have found is in the Spirit of truth that has wisdom, balance, and reality of truth. The best friend you will ever have. He will not back stab you, gossip on you, or run away when things get bad.

I noticed a reoccurring theme in the Gospels: “… because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.” This was me as a child, adolescence, young adult, and adult seeing with 20/20 vision, but not perceiving and hearing the sound clearly, but not understanding. It is out of this world when you are facing your daily routines of troubles and the “still small voice” turns on the light bulb of real truth, even though it may shine a sad picture of others who do not see and if you try to help them see. It is still a rejoicing moment of gratitude when you do see. Someone has to see or all will be blind and end up in the ditch of life.

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” “For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:” These are just a few of tons of good uplifting words of spirit and life. This a jolt, a firing up inside when all else around you wants to beat you down.

I fell in love with the Bible and the “still small voice” that turns on the light bulb inside my mind, heart, and soul. I want to encourage you to make the Spirit of Truth (still small voice) your roommate inside your fleshly body and the Bible your mind, heart, and soul’s appetite . Don’t be afraid to ask, seek and knock for the answers, but be prepared to face the reality of truth for He will guide you into all truth if you will let him (He respects our free will). Happiness is with Him on the inside and your system of dealing with others on the outside will be unbreakable. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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