Love is Blinding

I have heard over my life time that “Love is Blinding”. A light bulb of understanding has come on in another room of my mind towards those words. I have observed that whatever a person focuses their love towards they themselves give life to that object within themselves no matter the reality of truth towards that object in the real world. Focused love can be blinding when a person wishes that particular something to be something that it is not and herein lies the blinding part. Let me preface, I am not picking on anyone by the examples I may … Continue reading Love is Blinding


I count myself fortunate to have been raised in a mountainous area. As a young teenager of 16 with a license to drive gave me the first opportunity to venture out. It did not take very long for the realization of how tiny we are in comparison to the vast mountains and open plains. The news media would tell us about hikers getting lost for days with a search party desperately looking for them before too much time got away. A great respect for the wilderness was instilled in me early in life. It is amazing when you drive your mechanical car and … Continue reading Perspective

Walking Gardens

I believe we (mankind) are all like a garden. The flesh being the ground. The spirit being the life of the garden, thus making us two-part in nature. Our flesh is of the earth because once it dies it returns to the dust of the earth and our spirit is of the eternal substance. Seeds come into our garden by different means as we grow up and our spirit allows those different things to grow. Now, in your mind cycle through your pictures data at the different gardens you have seen driving around, in paper based containers, or the internet. … Continue reading Walking Gardens

Inside Weather

It is interesting to start off your day with the routine you do every morning from the bathroom to the kitchen and if you are lucky to the living room for a few moments of doing what you want to do and realizing your day will be like the Meteorologists’ prediction of the weather – nothing is a guarantee or set in stone. You arrive at work and it may be a sunny start and within a few moments the clouds roll in with a little darkness only to have the sun to peek through the clouds to tease you with a … Continue reading Inside Weather

Exploring God’s Canvas

     Riding along seeing the green colored trees, the  birds flying, the enormous mountains, how tiny I  was among them; smelling the different aromas of  nature as I passed by, hearing the streams flowing  over and around the rocks giving a tranquil sound,  birds singing, feeling the warm sunshine like waves  of love, the wind blowing off the troubles of the day,  tasting the fresh air of no more stress.  A light came  on in my mind as I was riding in the mountains. My  thoughts began to compare some of the breathe  taking paintings it had recorded over time in … Continue reading Exploring God’s Canvas