Increase Your Personal Value

Society has increased with it’s demand on people to produce profitable results with as much speed and quality. The pressure on individuals to meet the requirements can be overwhelming and depressing. Good news is you can increase your personal value that will effect where ever you go and whatever you do in life.

First Step is to slow down and observe the overlooked or unattended needs. There are things that need to be done, but for some reason they are left with half-way done or nothing done at all. It can be a step skipped, something no one has thought about, or no one cares about. You probably know the story of “Everyone thought Someone would do it and Anyone could have done it, but No one did it.” Seeing the need or needs is the first step towards increasing your personal value. Once you see the need start the brain processing ideas of solutions using the trial and error formula until you find the one fact that answers with speed, quality, and dependency. It does not have to be a grandeur level idea. It can be small, simple, and efficient with smooth flowing results. You can use the internet to research the needs you have seen, which makes a resourceful person.

First Step Example:  Inventive Multitasking

I like to change oil in my vehicles. It is personal time of hands on a machine that take care of my needs daily. I have bought different kind of funnels, but was unsatisfied. I began to see what I wanted personally for pouring in the new oil and its controls. I wanted something that showed measurements, had an open and close function, a filter for debris, a holder for the plastic oil container to drip all of its contents, and something I did not have to stand there holding it until it was finished. My solution: I found a funnel with a handle, measurement lines on the sides, filer in the bottom, a twist value for opening and closing, and a tube for the oil to flow. I took a light chain and fixed around the funnel where it would remain level. I put a hook at the top of the chain that holds the funnel to be placed in the holes or car hood latch above the oil cap. I took a wire hanger and twisted it in a shape that I could place a plastic oil container in it over the funnel to allow it to drip all contents without standing there and holding it.  What this did to increase my personal value was while it was dripping on its on I could be doing other things, creating a multitasking ability in me.

Second Step is practicing your new idea until you build a fully functional model that you have complete confidence in before sharing or implementing to anyone else. This step is important because the key word is “New”. A large number of people can not stand anything new. You have heard people just because it is new does not make it better. This is why the second step the proving ground your idea can take the tests of reality. Sales pitching an idea that has not been proven decreases your personal value because they remember what you said standing behind the sales pitch when it fails or fall short of its bragged about performance. What does proving my idea works do to increase my personal value: Your actions speaks volumes of desire to make things better, faster, and with integrity.

Second Step Example: Proof of Results

People where I work uses browser for a great deal of their work. They use a wide variety of internal and external websites to do their work. As I have listened to them complain about their browsers and the different websites they use. I had customized my browser for what I used daily. As I heard and saw where they were coming from about their complaint. When I visited them at their desk I would ask permission to sit down with their browser and I would inquire what websites do you use every day religiously? I would create a series of tabs of the websites they spoke of and made them their home pages in their browser. Now, when they turn on their browser their working websites are waiting on them ready to be used for the day. This is a simple fix customized to the individual needs making things better, faster, and a good practice.

Third Step is to ingrain into your senses and thought patterns of being a solution finder. Majority of people fall in step with negative seeing and hearing. They verbally complain filling the atmosphere with a taring down acid like feeling dissolving hope and closing the blinds to light. You have heard of the saying, “Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem”. It is easy for almost all people to see the problem, but it is a rare few that snaps out of the band wagon mentality and sees possible answers to the situation. What does ingraining my thought process into have to do with increasing my personal value: You will become the go-to person with trust, belief, dependability and resourcefulness.

Third Step Example:  Presently Aware

Inside my mind where no one else can see or hear what is going on. I gather key words people are saying and start my mind on the process of a possible common sense solution with the belief of “Everyone thought Someone would do it and Anyone could have done it, but No one did it.” My Mom loves to work in the flowers, but carrying all her tools needed at each flower bed section got to be to much as she got older. There is a little wagon with a seat for a lid that could be pulled by a rope with tools inside. She could get the tool or tools she needed for that flower bed, close the lid, and sit down near the flowers she wanted to work with.

Be one of the few, building your self esteem, and making yourself resourceful in an open variety of ways.  “Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way” this is from my Dad when he was alive, which I have deemed a “Solutionarian” way of thinking and not a “Problemnarian” way of thinking.

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