Lost Communication Restored

In the beginning of time mankind communicated face to face sharing knowledge.  As parent’s had children and children had children the families grew into other parts of the area communications changed. A person would be chosen to run to other areas carrying the words of the sender. Various methods of communications were invented for quicker and more conveniences.  A blanket over a fire creating patterns of smoke into the sky, riding animals in place of running, organized postal delivery, pigeons, mirrors with reflective codes, telegraph lines, radio frequencies, telephone lines,…etc. We today see how the telephone is no longer restricted to the wired in buildings, but mobile to almost every area in the world by channeled frequencies to satellites that orbit the around the earth.  We take our mobiles phones from our pockets, dial, the signal shoots through the air, and the person we are calling answers us back through the air to our phone. We the people of the earth have developed all kinds of ways to communicate that are invisible to our human eyes, but there is another communication that was lost to mankind a long time ago that all the physical inventions cannot restore. Communication is simply the sharing of knowledge  of words and ideas whether it is good or bad. The mysterious journey begins of the “Lost Communication Restored”.

There were two human beings male and female placed on the earth by their Creator with the power of the freedom of choice.  The only rules that were communicated were very simple for the planet they were given to oversee; eat freely of all the trees, but one tree that has been confined as the knowledge of good and evil.  The planet the two humans were placed upon was and is the reflection of the invisible realm of the Creator, thus the tree of the knowledge of good and evil came from a battle in the Creator’s realm where the ones who knew the goodness of the kingdom made a choice to try to overtake the kingdom for themselves for evil intentions. Mankind’s father and mother could eat of 99.99 percent of all except for the .01 percent of representation of evil or they would die. This death sentenced carried different effects upon mankind. The bodies that were created from the earth would die after a time, the spirit within the bodies could not be accepted into the Creator’s realm except through very narrow means, and the communication to the Creator would become more complex.  The Creator communicated pure truth for mankind’s protection, but there was the voice of the opposite of the Creator communicating lies mixed within the truth. (Ge. 2 & 3)

The two human overseers fell to the lies of the adversary cutting off the direct line of communications from the Creator. The two humans began to have children and their children had children populating the earth with mankind. This is where the different kind of communications were developed between mankind, while the communication with the Creator was slowly lost in the daily lives of man’s existence. There was one language upon the earth that all could understand until the day mankind came together like as in the day in the Creator’s realm to revolt in division building for themselves a place they could claim themselves as self Creators.  The Creator came down to this city of man and gave everyone a different language to speak taking away the oneness of language because of their divided hearts towards Him.

Just as man from the beginning devised ways of communications with each other the Creator was helping man develop ways to communicate with Him. The Creator is so pure that mankind had to be shielded in order to protect him from instant death, therefore different sacrifices would create a temporary covering of man’s sin for the Creator to fellowship.  The Creator loves us like a good father would his child and the Creator was not satisfied with the temporary communications. He wanted to take that which was lost in communications and restore it to full direct link with Him. On the day the first human couple choose to rebel against the Creator invoking the death sentence upon all of mankind the love of the Creator inserted into the blood line of the future children of mankind a way to restore permanent communication and fellowship. This capsule of promise traveled through many decades and generations of mankind before reaching its place of birth.

The Creator devised a plan of coming to the earth Himself in a human body as a son of mankind to restore communication with His lost children in a permanent unbreakable link for all who choose to connect. The Creator choose a path to walk among us taking in all the sicknesses, diseased, malice, spite, hatred, and all other evils from the beginning of the first two humans to the end of the future of the last humans upon Himself to open a direct line into His realm freely for all those who would come. The Creator came among as one of us (John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.) As in that day it is also present in our day that the Creator was not seen for who He was (:10 He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him). The world only saw another human being with their physical eyes while their inside sight of understanding remained blind to the Creator that was inside the man.

For the lost communication to the Creator to be restored permanently the debt of death that was started at the beginning of time by the free will of choice by the first two humans had to be paid in full with all requirements to be met completely. The reestablishment of communication link began in the last three and half years of the man the Creator fully resided in (Colossians 2:9). The man and the Creator inside of him communicated things to help us in the direction of pure truth of spirit and life. A group of mankind in that day as it is in ours refused the Creator’s communication through this innocent son of man and ignorantly killed him unknowingly paying the debt in full (1 Corinthians 2:8, 14; Colossians 1:14).

The Creator left us a way to restore the lost communication between us and Him. The son of man the Creator resided inside to reestablish the link with us gave him a name that is THE single point of entrance, THE  gate way, THE truth, and THE life that directly connects with the Creator (John 4:6).  The name of the man the Creator restored the lost communication with us is “Jesus”.  The key is what is in that name. Inside that name of “Jesus” is the pure blood of restoration because that son of man with the fullness of the Creator inside of him died in our place paying the owed debt with his own pure blood. The name contains the power of that blood because the Creator is Spirit with no flesh and blood.  The name of “Jesus” was given all power by the Creator that at the name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess (Philippians 2:10).

When people speak the name of “Jesus” an invisible blood line links directly with ear of the Creator whether good or bad the transmission is heard. Man has developed what he has called a VPN connection through the computer network for privacy and security, which VPN stands for virtual private network. The name of Jesus creates instantly a SPN link with the Creator, which stands for spiritual private network – for redemption and life. This explains why a saint or sinner can call out that name of Jesus and things happen beyond our comprehension because of what is in that name and who it is connected with. No wonder the chosen apostles baptized people in water symbolizing the death and burial of Jesus saying over the person being baptized in Jesus name for the remission of sins because the blood of forgiveness is in the name. The Creator promised through that name a portion of His Spirit would reside in us reconnecting the lost communications.

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