Sports Lost Winners

Team sports in our society and news media is constantly changing. The games have slowly morphed into an entertainment addiction that has a snowball effect of starting out small and approaches the end with uncontrollable proportions. Sports from long ago started out with the intention of controlling physical actions and attitudes in the sportsmanship environment in which played. Thus we had in sports physical abilities restricted doing your personal best with respectful sportsman like conduct.   The children of years gone by sports had a training that makes our children of today the “Lost Winners“. Even when they win today … Continue reading Sports Lost Winners

They’re Gone

They are gone and we are the water down version of them. Each generation waters down more and more until there will be no good strain left. We are witnessing the vicious cycle of history repeating itself all around us with dumb founded, weak, water downed versions lost to the right thing to do. Our good elderly living walking and breathing history books are dying all around us. Their lives are passed onto us flesh by flesh stronger than they are words on paper. No book truly reflects in all purity the commitment and dedication they had. They’re Gone” sickens … Continue reading They’re Gone