They’re Gone

They are gone and we are the water down version of them. Each generation waters down more and more until there will be no good strain left. We are witnessing the vicious cycle of history repeating itself all around us with dumb founded, weak, water downed versions lost to the right thing to do.

Our good elderly living walking and breathing history books are dying all around us. Their lives are passed onto us flesh by flesh stronger than they are words on paper. No book truly reflects in all purity the commitment and dedication they had.

They’re Gone” sickens my soul. I miss them dearly. There was actually real trust then. I know it was not perfect and there were those that did wrong as some do today, but the trust was in a larger amount than it is today. Please do not mistaken in my words our elders were not perfect, but a greater majority were behind the words they spoke and the hands they shook.

Today if you find someone who is honest and true with good integrity you have made a rare discovery, but you have to make sure over time that it is for real and not a “at the moment” deal.

In the present day society they are more layers of sides to people than ever before with the education of developing these layers available by technology. I am not against technology for the good of people only the horrors it teaches others who would have never normally known. There is a great deal more for people today to sift through to find the true nature of others. Our fathers and mothers of generations past had an air about them that you knew when they spoke their words you could believe it and take it to the bank.

This short article is directed at those of the past who are leaving us and going onto the next journey. We who are left here to walk this life must pray for eyes of perception and ears of understanding to have the wisdom to rightly discern the elements around us greater than our forefathers. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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