Sports Lost Winners

Team sports in our society and news media is constantly changing. The games have slowly morphed into an entertainment addiction that has a snowball effect of starting out small and approaches the end with uncontrollable proportions. Sports from long ago started out with the intention of controlling physical actions and attitudes in the sportsmanship environment in which played. Thus we had in sports physical abilities restricted doing your personal best with respectful sportsman like conduct.   The children of years gone by sports had a training that makes our children of today the “Lost Winners“. Even when they win today some with their attitudes are losers.

Foundation is the character created upon which we stand on everyday life. I had several good coaches growing up. Their expectancy of each and every one of us was our personal best and the person standing by us was family in this game. The most memorable coach I had driven home some points in training that I personally believe makes our athletes today “Lost Winners” because of the clueless character building of reality of life. He was a World War II veteran . He would tell us actions speak louder than words. Doing your best far out weighed the words of excuses. If you make mistakes don’t lay down and quit, get up and try again because hustle can make up for mistakes. He understood clearly the trophies and pieces of paper of certificates would not get us a high paying jobs after we graduated, but a proven mind, heart, and soul would. The inside character of person will overcome the obstacles in life, not the dust collecting objects of days gone by. He understood the greatest trophy was not physical, but a “don’t quit” spirit person inside the physical body.

Team sports involves individuals with different abilities, but one goal. Each individual has different parts to fulfill and jobs to complete, but it all comes down to a single point of achievement. Every person’s ability is for the common good of the team. (1 Corinthians 12:12) A team should be like a body that is a unit of many members, but the many members act as one body to reach their goal. No one individual should begin to think they are the whole body by themselves no matter the level of skill they have been blessed with. (1 Corinthians 12:15-20) It would be as ridiculous as if a physical body had a jealous foot of the hand and refused to function as a foot, but wanting to drive the steering wheel of a car. Who would be in charge of the gas and brake pedal? I may love basketball with all my heart, but the truth is my body is built more for football. You are who you are for a reason and a very good reason. You may be the greatest basketball player on the floor, but there are four other guys who can help with the one common goal. It would NOT be wise to say to them “I don’t need you” when you are facing an opponent with five players against you. On the contrary those that seem to be weaker than you end being the most important in building a good team because when their confidence goes up your blessed abilities goes higher. There should be no division on a team. If one suffers all suffers. Seeing past the ball game that will end in the 4th quarter into the days in life where age steps in with crippling blows the peace of mind knowing all the good you passed onto others less fortunate becomes living trophies of life that will affect other generations to come instead of the dust collecting trophy in the closet everyone has forgotten about until after your death cleaning out the closet. Love for God, Country, and your fellow-man is the greatest pinnacle to reach in life. The bigger picture is all of us (mankind) is heading to the same end why not work with others each step we take in every new day we are given.

Sports today has more show of selfishness than it has of the reality of life. My hat is off to all coaches who develop their players for the goal to be good winners and when the time comes to have good sportsmanship when they lose. Only a very few go onto play sports as a career the majority of athletes are released upon society to deal with and why not create the best you can be and be proud of it. The truth is we all have something in common that is unavoidable. We are all heading towards the grave. How much more of a full life would we live with the great teachings from coaches of life on team work. To live a life worthy of those who have gone before us providing the opportunities freely that we have today. No soldier lives unto himself alone or dies unto himself alone (Romans 14:7). We all are linked to things around us. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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