Invisible Bridge of Love

We miss so many things on a daily basis. It saddens my heart when I see myself and others running over to quickly the things that matter most. I may never be debt free, financially set, possess all the things I dream about, bless my children, or go to the places I desire. You and I can have some things no matter our status in this physical world. I see us taking steps towards the invisible bridge of love by our eyes of faith into the sweet and blessed fellowship of the Spirit of God and His word. The only … Continue reading Invisible Bridge of Love

Omnipresent – How Far?

I was thinking about how God is everywhere while taking a morning walk in view of mountain ranges, a valley, woods, and homes when that still small voice of the Lord challenge me with “How far are you willing to believe I am everywhere?” Of course, I froze in that thought for a few seconds as my eyes where seeing this vast open space of grass, of trees, of the sky, and the mountains. I thought again, God you are everywhere. You are in everything I can see and the things I cannot see. Again,  “How far are you willing … Continue reading Omnipresent – How Far?

What Did You Tell Them

Someone asks you about your loved one and you give them a short or long update about how they are doing. You see that loved one later on and tell them that a certain someone asked how they were doing. Your loved one asks you, “What did you tell them?” For a moment your mind stalls at the question hitting your thoughts. You reply, “What could I tell them?” “You haven’t given me much to give to them“. This statement sank very deeply into my spirit. “You haven’t given me much to give to them” was a rising sun of understanding deep … Continue reading What Did You Tell Them

From Within Himself – Part 1

“God is spirit…” and “…spirit hath not have flesh and bones” (Jn. 4:24 & Lu. 24:39). God the Father is Spirit and it is easy to see how God in His Spirit is omnipresent, which means He is everywhere at the same time. He is unlimited in Spirit whether you want to think in size, width, height, length, left, right, up or down. He is all these things at the same time. Being present everywhere at the same time makes Him vast beyond our comprehension. An attempt on our part to wrap our minds completely around God’s existence is an … Continue reading From Within Himself – Part 1