The Should Have Been

We all have things in our life that we have encountered that the thoughts of “The Should Have Been” has crossed our minds.  We have things like vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, guns, knives, chainsaw, skill Saws, various tools, boats, swimming, sports and so forth that we have had some close calls to cause the thoughts “The Should Have Been” worse than what happened.

God gave Adam and Eve only one rule in the beginning to obey  and everything else was free to do, but if the one rule was disobeyed the penalty would be death.  When Adam and eve sinned against God, disobeying the one rule, I am sure they thought it was completely over.  Death was now unleashed upon all the earth because Adam and Eve were held responsible for the earth that is why everyone and everything was affected.

(This is for a another topic, but death was not free until Adam and Eve sinned against God; in other words Death was bound, chained up, and  NOT free to roam)

Ge. 3:11-15 is where God begins to confront breaking the one rule and the details of the death, which was put under a time-table (Adam and Eve did not die right away). God began to tell Adam and Eve because they chose to break the one and only rule (Not God’s fault – our free will ) the things of the earth will now have curses and bitterness on them. God speaking to the devil in verse 15 in Genesis “… he will crush your head and you will strike his heel.” This where the “should have been” is revealed to all. Death is totally upon all of mankind from our flesh to our eternal spirit. We are all born into this world with this destined Death sentence of flesh and of spirit. God put a clause of possible escape for His children (mankind). God said ” he will crush your head “, “he” being a promised child of mankind providing the redemption escape clause paying the sin debt and judgment in full. God removed what “should have been” a total loss for mankind.


God our Father in His Spirit form took the “Should Have Been” total death sentence on us and saw a way He could destroy him who had  the power of death, save us, and still fulfill His unchangeable eternal Word. God, Father of all creation, decided to put Himself (His Spirit/Word form) inside the blood line of His children (mankind) to be born at a prophesied date inside flesh and blood with His fullness inside that body (Col. 2:9) to share in our humanity so by his death the “Should Have Been” total death now has a clause of escape for our eternal spirit (Heb. 2:14), which we live forever somewhere. Now, we have a choice again to die in body and spirit or live in His Spirit with a new body in heaven with Him.

The “Should Have Been” room of complete death for us has a created door from God’s love and sacrifice that we can place our hand upon the door knob with our free will of choice turning it in faith stepping through it into His marvelous light, forgive of all our sins, and returning to His fellowship born again as a new creature in Christ old things passed away behold all things are made new (2 Cor. 5:17).

When death comes to visit you I hope the death angel is disappointed saying as you and I are leaving this world that “Should Have Been” the soul I take with me to hell.


Salvation is the same as God entered into a flesh and blood body born into this world we are to be born again like fashion as him, but our second birth for a second chance to live is a birth of water and spirit (Jn. 3:5) entering into the body of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the building in which is our refuge and joining place of our spirit and God’s Spirit unite as one.

We cannot be born again from our mother as a very scripture intelligent man asked Jesus (Jn. 3:4). Jesus answered him that is a birth of the flesh and this is a birth of the spirit that comes by water and spirit. The only way we can invoke the “Should Have Been” me die physically and spiritually is to be reborn following God’s example. God was inside the body of Jesus Christ at birth, up to death on the cross for our sins, and returned to the body bringing it back to life after three days. We have to be born again into the body of Jesus Christ by water and spirit (Jn. 3:5).


It all starts with a “want to be” a new creature and all old things passed away. I wanted to be born again. I’ve had enough of the lying, backstabbing, stealing, using people, hurting good people (parents and others who were innocent), drugs, alcohol … to the point I wanted it no more, but the opposite. This is a made up mind that I have repented of those things with all of my heart, mind, and soul. Keep in mind if a person can talk you into repenting another person talk you out of it, but if you decide inside yourself this is what you want you are standing yourself on a rock solid foundation that nothing can keep you from God. This is the “I want to change” section walking towards the born again of the water part. I “should have been” killed, buried by now, and gone, but I am still here because an invisible hand of mercy is holding back the “should have been” allowing me time to make a choice.


The first part of being spiritually born again of the water is entering into the body of Jesus through his name in full immersion of water baptism. When your whole body is baptized, fully under water, with someone saying over you in the name of Jesus Christ they are speaking the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross invoking the blood power of the name washing away ALL your sins placing the mercy of forgiveness upon you with the “should have been” buried in the ground dead only to be in water rising up from the symbol of the grave Jesus faced into the new light of life. This water baptism places us inside the body of Christ, which is one part of the second birth.


The second part of being born again is the promised birth of our spirit. We have been tainted, taunted, abused, brainwashed by the fleshly things of this world. Our spirit has adapted to being earthly minded and blinded spiritual things.

The first evidence of the second part of the birth of the Spirit happened in an upper room (Acts 2). The people were praying and seeking this freedom from the “should have been” the end. God’s Spirit came into that room and He wanted them to see and feel His mighty rushing wind with what looked like tongues of fire settling upon each of them. As His Spirit settled upon them they began to feel the joy unspeakable by their fleshly thinking and fullness of God’s glory going inside them, all over them, and coming back out of their mouths (Jn. 4:14, Acts 2:4) speaking a language they did not naturally (fleshly) know, fully surrendering to God allowing His Spirit the freedom to speak through them, which Peter explained these are the signs of God’s will and prophecy. The “should have been” dead to God’s Spirit fellowship with our spirit was removed. We all can become one with God. Our bodies should have been the tomb in which our spirit dies eternally, but God removed it by the blood of Jesus Christ and filled it (our fleshly apartment) with His Spirit transforming our spirit into a born again spirit. God is not dead He is alive.

The “should have been” total death for us was removed by God’s love wrapped inside the body of Jesus Christ providing a second chance birth of water and spirit. Water baptism washes us completely clean of sins preparing our bodies as a livable temple for God’s Spirit to come inside and dwell with our spirit.

I am forgiven and my sins are washed away. I am no longer alone inside this body. God has moved inside my fleshly apartment, but it is up to me to fellowship everyday with my new roommate. He will never force you. He absolutely loves the freedom of choice. I choose God’s way of life and not the “should have been” the way of eternal death and misery.

Angels are eternal beings through and through. Unlike us with a fleshly body and inside an eternal spirit that will live forever somewhere. They, angels, desire to look into this we have in salvation, a way of escape from the “should have been” 1 Peter 1:10-12). Accept the grace of “should have been” as your chance to reunite with your heavenly Father inside of Jesus Christ. May God shower you as He did in that upper room. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


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