God’s Side

I have discovered over time that God loves to share with us if we will take the time and slow down to look and listen for Him. He loves to open our perception and understanding so the healing process can begin converting the bad into the good. The Spirit of God started a fellowship with mankind in the garden of Eden at the beginning of creation. A true relationship has a sharing of themselves in an agreement of oneness. You have your unique ways and the other has their unique ways that come together in the middle with an acceptance … Continue reading God’s Side

Exchanging A Day

“Exchanging a day of your life” is about the inward spirit you and the value of yourself. How much do you value the seconds and minutes of your day? “Exchanging a day of your life” is giving yourself away to something. What are you giving a day of your life away to? Spending a day of your life is something you can never get back. You can spend money on things and get more money to replace the money you spent, but your seconds and your minutes of your life is something you can never get back or be replaced. … Continue reading Exchanging A Day

Behind the Windshield

In the beginning of the creation of man God took the dust of the earth and formed a natural earthly image and likeness of Himself. If you were to look on the ground at this moment as God’s Spirit hovers over the clay body you would see a man lying there like an artistic clay statue. God goes up to the nostrils of the earth made clay statue of a man representing an image like a child of its parent and He breathes His Spirit breath of life into it. God’s Spirit breath was more than air in the lungs … Continue reading Behind the Windshield

Just One Tree

A beautiful afternoon with just the right temperature, a sky filled with good soothing colors, and we are standing among one hundred trees bearing all kinds of fruit. We have been given one hundred percent freedom of choice to eat from any of them. One hundred percent of absolute of our free will choice of all the trees. Our host pointed out to us there is “Just One Tree” out of the one hundred trees that will produce a different outcome from all the rest – “Just One Tree“. We wake up each morning to find all the trees bearing … Continue reading Just One Tree