Having More Than You Know

All babies born into this world do not understand the surroundings in which they have been placed. The older ones look into their faces of purity seeing the complete emptiness of any corruption of this world in them. We tickle them to hear their free unrestricted laughter. We expose them to things to make their face light up with free joy. As the baby grows maintaining of innocence and the understanding is preserved pure. The toddler does not know the financial status of being poor, middle or rich class. They just continue their laughter, crying, and desire of attention. They don’t know boundaries to the color of their skin. They see other children and they innocently want to play.

Babies and little children don’t seem to have much to offer. They cannot add financial support daily to the family. They cannot do chores until they get older and stronger. They are completed reliant upon the older ones around them to take care of them. Image a baby or a small child you may know. When you look at them there is not much physically they can offer. They have given more to you than you know. It is not a gift you can physically touch. It is their innocent laughter you behold that sends healing inside you to your spirit. You find yourself smiling and laughing with them while it is working like a medicine (Prov. 17:22) on a tired and worn out soul. When the baby or toddler wraps its little arms around you squeezing the purity of their love. It is sending into your spirit freedom of pure love that the tainted world will never give. Babies and toddlers they give not in the physical, but in the spiritual. They do not know what they are giving you with complete understanding. They just know they want to do it. They give the same no matter the class of their home. If the house is poor, middle, or rich class the baby gives the same.

The toddler or a little child does not realize their clothes and shoes are a sign to others they are poor, middle, or rich class. They may not even realize if a neighborhood kid says, “hey, that was my shirt” that it was given to them as a pass-me-down shirt. Toddlers or a little child will not know if they ask for the last piece of meat at supper time that it was the last piece of meat in the house. Their having no knowledge of the ways of the world give more to the older ones than most would realize. The older ones see that they cannot go back and so they live a few moments in spirit with the baby, toddler, or little child. The child gives them a few moments of escape from the hardness of the adult world.

As the child grows older the discovery of differences come to light inside their innocent minds transforming slowly over to the older ones world. Their little minds are storing things with understandings pushing them forward into the reality of this world. They begin slowly leaving the innocence and start approaching the age of accountability. Their experiences and discoveries still have that unseen impact on those around them that knows them and loves them. The invisible giving of laughter, sadness, love, hate, giving, selfishness, … still seeps into the spirit of others around them.

They discover other kids who are faster/slower than them, stronger/weaker than them, nicer/meaner than them, poorer/richer than them, handsome/prettier than them, shorter/taller than them. Questions flood their minds about others, themselves, their family, the importance of life, what are they suppose to be, what good are they, and on the continue. Their mind, heart, and soul become a storage unit of love, hate, joy, sadness, peace, war, kindness, anger, goodness, evil, faithful, undependable, gentleness, roughness, self-control, out of control, sharing, selfishness, purity, impurity, clean thoughts, dirty thoughts, healthiness, drugs, players, instigators… The weight of the world rides upon the older you get like a packed mule you see in a western movie.

Having More Than You Know” makes a person think about “Having…” as in possessing. What is it you possess? What do you have? Depending on the aged person you ask this question you will get a variety of answers. A little child may answer with “I have mommy and daddy and a brother, sister, aunt,uncle, grandma…” An older child may answer, “I have a bike, Xbox/Play Station, doll house, a dog/cat, turtle/fish, dirt bike…“. A young adult may answer, “car/truck, motorcycle, Apple/Android phone, guitar/piano, TV…“. An adult may answer with “house, boat, cabin, land, power tools, business,…“.

Adulthood is the level where people are categorized by their class of poor, middle or rich. The abilities to give are weighed by most according the class level, the resources, or who you know. People pass judgment based on the material things of this world. The importance is highly placed upon what a person accumulates to themselves.

Having More Than You Know” is not about the clothes, shoes, bikes, guns, cars, boats, houses, land, businesses, and other physical things you can name. Your value is not based on physical possessions. You have things like a baby that is not based or valued on poor, middle, or rich class you are placed in by this world. You have heard someone say after a car accident that the vehicle can be replaced, you cannot be replaced? What makes you special in “Having More Than You Know” comes from what you were born possessing like a unique personality, way of thinking, and methods of actions.

There is no baby born into this world that God does not know about or He would not be God. No child is born into a situation God is not aware of or He would not be God. Everyone is born with a purpose or a plan.

I know you are heading down that road of thinking about bad situations of why God would allow a baby to born into that horrible atmosphere. This summons up the bad, evil, horrible, ugliness of this world. God gave us total control over all the earth – responsibility on us. We gave control over to a fallen angel giving him the power over the earth. He became mankind’s master and the earth was his to do what he wanted. The fallen angel brought death, hell, the grave, disease, evil, horrible, and ugliness upon all the earth including us – not God. Now, you’re thinking “why did God allow it?” The number one thing with God has always been the freedom of choice. He will not override freedom of choice. Every baby born into this world God has a plan for that child, but freedom of choice inside that child is up to them no matter the atmosphere they are born into even if it is at the level they have no control over their physical body. They do have control over their spirit inside their body. God said do not be afraid of those who kill the body because after that there is nothing else they can do – this is as far as they can go, but fear him who after the body has been killed has the authority to throw you into hell (Lu. 12:4, 5), which is known as the second death of eternity. It is worse upon people who harm children in God’s eyes (Mtt. 18:6, 10, 14). He can punish in a way no one else can.

Now, back to there is no baby born into this world that God does not know about or He would not be God. No child is born into a situation God is not aware of or He would not be God. Everyone is born with a purpose or a plan. Everyone has  “.More Than You Know” to give than most people would realize. God told Jeremiah,  “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jer. 1:5). Predestination is what most people start thinking when they read this that we are all born predestinated to be evil or good and nothing can change it. This takes us back to the number one things with God is “freedom of choice”. He knew Jeremiah before he was born into this world and the expectations He had of him, but after being born into this world Jeremiah still had the choice of saying no to God. A person making the freedom of choice of saying, no to God’s purpose and plan will not stop the plan of God from going forward. Your decision decides where you will spend eternity after you die in your body of this world. Good people or bad people can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth (2 Cor. 13:8). The bad will be converted into help fulfill and the good will continue to flow with fulfilling God’s plan.

This opens more understanding to “Having More Than You Know” inside of you than you realize and others. You will help contribute to God’s plan whether you want to or not. Your choice does not affect His overall plan only you individually. This is why Solomon said in Eccl. 9:11 that the race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. Remember from a baby to adulthood we store in our unit all these things of the swift, strong, wise, brilliant, and favored of the different classes of poor, middle, and rich in this world. It comes down not to your class, but using what you have inside you at the right time and with the right opportunity.

Having More Than You Know” is all about what is inside for you to released to the world. Jeremiah had something inside given to him to release to the world if he wanted that choice. Pharaoh was born with a purpose. God knew Pharaoh’s thoughts and the intents of his heart. God knew no matter what signs, wonders, and opportunities He would show Pharaoh that Pharaoh’s choice would be against God. God took Pharaoh’s hardness and showed the world you can nothing against the truth, but for the truth. Pharaoh made the choice that God is not who He says He is and wanted to prove it, but the end result was seeing the power and mercy of God at work. The disciples were in jail for preaching Jesus is the Messiah, water baptism in Jesus name and the in-filling of the Holy Ghost. A man stood in the middle of their discussion on what to do with the disciples. The man said some time ago a person claimed to be somebody, raised up 400 hundred followers, was killed, and his followers dispersed coming to nothing. Another man after him rose up, led a band of people to revolt, was killed, and all the followers scattered. I advise to leave these men alone for if their purpose is of human origin, it will fail, but if it is from God you will not be able to stop these men. You will only find yourselves fighting against God (Acts 5:34-38). The words of this man came from inside of himself out to the ears of those who wanted death for the disciples. He “Having More Than You Know” inside his mind, heart, and soul came out to bless more people than inside that room and outside. It is not only the physical possessions you have that defines what you can give, but also what you have inside that knows no limit in God.

The older you get the more you realize the material things of this world cannot help the ones you love, and the innocents you see in the news. All the money and powers of the world cannot stop death, all diseases, and suffering. I want to call on the “Having More Than You Know” to step into the battle because you can do nothing against Him, but for Him.

A man was born lame and had to be carried everywhere. To help with the financial needs he was carried to the gate of the church. He was there everyday begging from those walking into the church. He saw Peter and John getting ready to into the church and the lame asked them for money. Peter and John stopped and faced him. The lame man must have been looking quickly at others passing for Peter and John said to him “look at us”. The lame man stopped scanning for others and looked at them expecting to get what he had always got from others going into the church. While he was locked onto their faces Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk”. You may not be rich in this world and feel helpless, but there is something you can have in your life to call upon in times of need and something will happen for the truth no matter what is against the truth. Peter taking the man by the hand helped him up and he was healed instantly (Acts 3:2-8). If you don’t have God in your life it is easy to receive Him because He wants to be in your life more than you realize.

Not everything in this life will go the way you want it to go because there is a bigger plan in place than yours, but getting inside the flow of the plan of God assures “Having More Than You Know” working inside of you irregardless of how the world judges you.

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