Multitasking is being responsible of having several things going at once. Multitasking is something that has increased over the past several years.  Technology has forced people into multitasking. Vehicles gave us a steering wheel for our hands, foot pedals for our feet, mirrors for our eyes, and a radio for our ears. We have new generations that do not have a memory of driving a car with only having a radio to listen to and managing the operation of the vehicle. Multitasking as an example is driving a vehicle today with the steering wheel, foot pedals, mirrors, radio, cell phones, GPS systems, various computer alerts, cameras, voice texting, and the list goes on. We are looking at the road, our surroundings, various screens of information (GPS, cell phones, speedometer,…). Our hands and feet are pressing, turning, and maneuvering in safe directions. Our ears are listening to the radio, voice chats, and sounds around our vehicle. Our eyes, ears, mind, and body is engaged in multitasking. We are progressively adding multitasking to our every part of our everyday life. Doing several things at once is multitasking.

We are our Father’s children and multitasking is our likeness to Him. Our level of doing several things at once maintaining a mindfulness of clear control is multitasking, which is a level far below our Father’s level just as the earth is below the heavens (Is. 55:9). We can see our multitasking, but the cool thing is to start looking into God’s multitasking, which I believe it should be called, Omni-tasking. If He is one big God and nothing is outside of Him (omnipresent) and no other god beside Him (Is. 44:6). He would be above multitasking and into the Omni-tasking level. How far are you willing to look and see God’s Omni-tasking? How far are you willing to believe in His Omni-tasking?

In the book of Hebrews 4:13 reads “Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.” God sees all creatures and all things (thoughts, intentions of the heart Heb. 4:12) are visible to Him. OK, let us slow down and take a look at all the creatures (animals, male/female, angels…) our minds can think of… Now, all the creatures you just thought of try to imagine all of their thoughts and intentions flowing all at once into your mind from where ever they located. This is a process far above our level of multitasking. I have started several projects at once before and found myself overwhelmed and losing track of the different projects completeness. For instance a person can start a load of clothes in the washer, start the oven cooking, listening/watching a show or news via TV/Radio/cell phone/iPod/iPad/tablets, start the dishwasher, start the microwave, de-frosting frozen food in the sink,  and folding clothes from the previous load of clothes. All of this multitasking could get a person into forgetting what is next in line for your attention adding phone calls, text messages, emails, family, roommates interrupting you with questions and more tasks needed to be done. Your quality of taking care of things properly and promptly drops because you are fallible and human. You can easily replace what I said above with the things you get started and going at the same time.

Wow, all of that thinking about the multitasking at work and when you are home makes my head spin. Here is the cool part when you start focusing on God’s Omni-tasking. He being an everywhere (omnipresent) at once at the same time God; powering all things (omnipotent) in the earth, on the earth, in the sky, in space (visible), and in the third heaven (invisible); and knowing all things (omniscient) from everything at once with no struggle of managing all the information is absolutely why He is called God.

We can see God multitasking around us if we will look for Him. If we look outside of our immediate surroundings we could see God doing the Omni-tasking. For instance, as you are reading this He is multitasking with me sharing what He has done, is doing, and going to do while you are receiving the multitasking He has done for you, and is doing for you, and possible you see what He is going to do for you. He has you here reading this and He has me here typing it. He puts things in our lives everyday to show us something we have not seen before. He has things said to us from sources we never considered taking it into heart and processing it. We think a level of 360 degrees around us and He sees all things.

God in His Omni-tasking has messages for all of us to find. We have to slow down, wait, and listen to His guiding understanding words to touch our thoughts. When things are happening around you whether good or bad try to see the ripple effect (dropping a rock into a perfectly calm pond and the ripples expand from the point of impact on the water towards others) God is doing on you and those around you. He is doing much more beyond what we see. You and I are multitasking even beyond ourselves when you begin to look at the influence our demeanor. We are not only multitasking with physical objects, but also invisible objects, the minds and hearts of others in view of us.  For none of us lives to himself and no one dies to himself (Romans 14:7). We are affecting others while being affected invisibly within.

Have you had one of those moments that you did not understand why it was happening to you and sometime later something happened that if you had still be involved you would have been included in that worse situation? You came away thinking man if I was there I would have gone down with them. God is busy after all us to change, to see, to understand, to evolve, come out of our pig pens, and to come out of darkness into light, whether it is something of our mind, our heart, and our soul He is working on us. He is wanting to be a part of your life.

I worked in a cutting department in a factory and a new hire came into our department. The part of country I worked in called him a “River Rat” relating to him being a person who worked on barges up and down rivers delivering different kinds of loads. Of course, I never called him that. We all knew each other because it was a small department cutting foam for chairs. We all introduced ourselves. I noticed from the beginning he had a disdained look when he met me. I blew it off in mind thinking nothing of it. From the first day the disdained look turned into a despising look, into hateful words towards me, and into could not stand anything about me. It puzzled me because I could not think of anything I had done or said that would have offended him. I got along with everyone, except for him. I decided to ignore his hatred and start praying for him may be there was something there in his life that I reminded him and could not see myself. Things did not change, in fact, it became the opposite. All this time I was hanging onto God knows what He is doing – Multi(Omni)tasking. God was working on my attitude towards hateful people, which in times past I would return the hatred. I can’t say what all God was working on the other person with and with the people in the department that saw the everyday the facial, body and spoken language of hatred he showed towards me. God’s Multi(Omni)tasking was giving me a chance to mature above someone else’s hatred. Instead of returning hate for hate proving only we both are capable of the level of hate to have one or both rise above hate to a wise state of perception, understanding, and making things right. I saw inside myself I had graduated to a more wiser state than what I did in my past. The other fellow continued more and more with the hatred. I thought it was coming down to a physical fight any day.

This was the first time I conscientiously began to see God Multi(Omni)tasking. On one particular day our department did so well meeting the quota we got off at lunch that day. I went about my business and the other fellow who hated me for no reason went about his business. The next day he did not show up for work. Our supervisor informed us. He was not coming back to work due to trying to speed away from the law, once pulled over, started fighting the law, broke his parole probation, a car full of alcohol beverages open, and having an illegal weapon being a felon. My eyes dropped open wide realizing the hand of God fell upon that man in one afternoon.  God’s Multi (Omni) tasking for my life and his life has consequences because God is going to reach us and do what He can to wake us up. Hearing all of this sent chills down my spine and a frozen awe in my thoughts. God is working on you with all kinds of Multi (Omni) tasking around you whether it is at home, at work, at the gym, and everywhere else.

The Bible is full of people God was Multi (Omni) tasking with to get them to realize things within themselves. How important are you? God’s Omni-tasking is working all around you, coming after you using different means, and to help you see within yourself empowering you with light instead of leaving you alone in darkness. The Bible is full of stories how He has tried to reach us. You need to start looking at your life, your surroundings, and the events happening to you. There are invisible things in them He wants you to see – see past the surface of this life. He has spiritual treasures just for you.

A father had two sons. One son demanded his half of the estate. His father gave him his share of the estate and his brother his share of estate. The son that demanded his share left to another, not another town, city, or state, but to another country. He lived in this other country spending all his share of the estate on all his desires. He was living as wild as his mind, heart, and soul imagined. God did not interfere with this son’s free will choice, but was busy about His multi (Omni) tasking in the background waiting. The son spent everything he had and was completely broke with no money at all in a far away country. It was not a town over, a city away, or a joined state to his home, but it was far away in another country with only himself among complete strangers. His solution was to find a job. He was hired to feed pigs. Having no money to buy food he had to work on an empty stomach until he got paid, which was so far off into the future the pig’s slop began to look good to him. He would stare at the pigs slop longing to grab it from them and stuff his stomach full of their food. No one in that country would help him at all. The signs are all around him. He took his blessed inheritance and gave it away to the world with nothing left to support him. He was starving so bad just to live that even in the streets there was no one to show him mercy or a second chance. Inheritance is gone and he can’t even have the pig’s food of that country. Have you ever been in a place where you had no money, you knew no one to turn to, and you thought you burned your bridge to the only people who loved you? This son began to think about home. He could be at least a hired servant for they eat well and it is better than starving to death. God was working on the son. He could have been killed for his money, in prison from the locals for the wild parties or gambling. The father back home had no idea if his son was alive or dead only that he was gone like unto death. The realization came alive in the son’s mind. This is what God wants for us everyday – to see and hear clearly. The son goes home just to be a hired servant at least, but he was met with a father who hugged him, kissing him on his neck, and thankful he was alive (Lu. 15:11-17). The son had changed and had a right mind now within him.

God is busy working in the background to get us all to wake up to truth in our lives and to come home to Him where we belong safe in His arms with a loving kiss upon our neck of rejoicing we are alive to Him forever. Changed on the inside makes things right.

Jesus on the cross with a crown of thorns pushed down on his head, both feet with a huge nail driven through them, and a huge nail driven through both hands, a body riddle with 40 stripes of lacerations with one criminal on his left and another criminal on his right. God was multi (Omni) tasking in a way at this moment that should bring a tear to everyone who sees this picture of true love. If you were to place yourself some where in this scene watching could you see God’s multi (Omni) tasking of love in action to all those presently there and to all of us in the future reading of this moment? Jesus said, “Father, forgive them they know not what they do.” (Lu. 23:34). The mercy of God was high above their thoughts of murder and intentions of death. As God showed me to be above the hate that was being shown to me and to be saved from hatred. He was showing all in His multi (Omni) tasking love above our ignorance. As you and I are standing in the crowd there are people beside us looking up at Jesus shouting, you saved others why don’t you save yourself if you are God’s Messiah, the Chosen One (:35). As we are watching the soldiers approach Jesus mocking him saying, if you are the king of the Jews, save yourself (:37,36). Can you see any multi (Omni) tasking going on? We hear another voice saying, Aren’t you the Messiah? Save yourself and us! and it is one of the criminals beside Jesus.

Do you see the realization in their minds? God is still wanting them to see. What do you see?  Has any of them awaken to the pig pen they are spiritually living inside their bodies? Does any of them see the way home to the Father? On that cross Jesus is providing the way, the truth, and the life to the Father, which is by him (Jn. 14:6).

As the last words leaving the criminal’s mouth “…save us!” and before Jesus could answer the other criminal on the other side of Jesus speaks up and says, Don’t you fear God? You are under the same sentence of death. You and I are punished justly because we are getting what our actions deserve, but this man has done nothing wrong. The thief then looks at Jesus saying, Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom. What just happened inside that criminal’s heart? Remember Jesus many of times read the minds of those around him answering them before they could speak. Wow, on this one hill what the multi (Omni) tasking God is doing is mesmerizing to try to capture in the mind and heart not only for those people there, but us here reading about it. Is anything starting to born into your thoughts from His Spirit right now? The one thief didn’t care what Jesus was, he just wanted Jesus to save him to live in this world a little longer. The other thief, like the son in the pig pen, came to himself realizing the crimes he had done, repenting of them inside his mind and heart with only the desire of Jesus to think of him when he goes to his kingdom. Right now, which man are you beside Jesus on this crossroad of life? Every person in this crowd that you and I are standing beside have been faced with both sides of life. Some are hard-hearted and unrepentant of their pig pen ways and there are those who repent and want to be welcomed home to their true Father. In this past atmosphere and in your present environment, and future atmosphere God is multi (Omni) tasking to get all to wake up to the true reality of ourselves, others, and His love. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is looking at you and me right now.

Jesus had not said anything since those around us in the crowd shouted at him, the soldiers walked up mocking him, the criminal thief demanding to be selfishly be saved, and the other thief being repentant wanting only to be remembered. As Jesus begins to speak, I am already frozen, watching, and listening intently for what words Jesus will speak. Jesus does not go back to the crowds statements, the soldier’s statements, or the “save me” thief’s statement. Jesus looks straight at the one who has woken to himself, in his pig pen of life, and says to him “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” (:43). You and I are standing there in the crowd with people frozen like statues, soldier’s not moving like wax figures, and a thief as still as death while Jesus and the repented thief look like they have a beam of sunlight shinning directly upon them with vibrant colors of life. When you see the multi (Omni) tasking God is doing it takes away all the gray and dark clouds replacing it with the engulfing ray of loves light.

God is not through multi (Omni) tasking, He never is, on this day. As we look up and down at our shadows on the ground we realize it is the highest part of the day at noon with darkness starting to cover the sky as far as our eyes can see. It is almost like the middle of the night and the sun has stop shinning or back in creation when there was only darkness upon the earth. Everyone around us are not saying a thing with looming darkness around us. We have been sitting here on this hill for three hours in darkness and suddenly we hear from Jesus cry out, My God, My God why have you forsaken me. (Mtt. 27:45). What is happening before us is God reconciling us to Himself through the man Jesus (the Lamb God will provide Himself in our place, Gen. 22:8). Jesus the man is absorbing all the sins of the world into his fleshly body. God is making him who had no sin before our eyes to be sin for us that in him we might become clean and right before God (2 Cor. 5:18-21), being accepted home by a Father’s hug, a Father’s kiss, and Father’s rejoicing his children are alive once more.

We are all standing there with the crowd, the soldiers, and the thieves when Jesus says, Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. (Lu. 23:46) The spirit side of Jesus is free and the man side of Jesus dies the physical death in our place taking all sins with him covering them completely with his blood. Are you still in the crowd hearing these words after three hours of darkness? Do you feel the earth quaking beneath your feet? Do hear something so loud it sounds like a wall being ripped? When Jesus the man died the temple’s curtain four times taller than a man, as thick as your hand spread wide open, that blocks all from seeing into the holiest of holy chamber, God starts ripping it from the top to the bottom. Now, all people can have access to God through Jesus and no more tall, thick curtain to separate us from Him. After all this the people beside you and me start beating their chests in repentance and even the Centurion over the soldiers said, “Surely this was a righteous man.” (:47,48)

Three men each on a cross sentenced to death with one in the middle with a gruesome sight of blood from head to toe. God was busy multi (Omni) tasking for all things to be fulfilled in all people of the earth and for all people of the future. How many do you think walked away with the same unchanged attitude that shouted at Jesus and how many do you think walked away changed forever? Are you going to walk away the same? Do you see a spiritual or physical pig pen you are in and God is reaching for you? Do you remain seeing only with your physical eyes or has your spiritual eyes awoken to new lighted path of life? Do you want to start right now the search for truth in God for yourself?

God is multi (Omni) tasking  for you to be born again. God’s word is forever working in the heavens and the earth. All He is waiting for is your free will choice to give him a chance to hug you, kiss you on the neck, and welcome you home to the fellowship of His spirit and truth. You are never alone. He is and always will be reaching out to you, multi (Omni) tasking to save anyone who willingly choose.

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