Exchanging A Day

Exchanging a day of your life” is about the inward spirit you and the value of yourself. How much do you value the seconds and minutes of your day? “Exchanging a day of your life” is giving yourself away to something. What are you giving a day of your life away to?

Spending a day of your life is something you can never get back. You can spend money on things and get more money to replace the money you spent, but your seconds and your minutes of your life is something you can never get back or be replaced. The exchange of the seconds and minutes of your day goes into a unretrievable  history box. You only get one chance to spend your day. You are important and what you give yourself over to daily is important physically and spiritually.

You and I are probably blessed to be of a descent physical health, but there are those their life of living is the heart beat of seconds and minutes you and I take for granted. We have seen age is not the exception from the young to the older that time waits for no one. Death is no respecter of person. Growing older and slowing down is no respecter of person. What you exchange for a day of your life is important.

Looking into the unretrievable box of history what have you exchanged for your days of your life for? What is the first feeling you are getting from your thoughts of your past? Is it happiness, sadness, regret, unfulfilled, complete, and lost some of the things you are feeling?  Were your memories of your days spent sacrificing for others? Did you spend them for yourself? Were they days of wandering without purpose? The value of those days you exchanged your life were they beneficial for someone else or something you love? What have you done with your life and what are you going to exchange it for?

What all have we spent in the “Exchanging a day” of our life? Someone may think I have spent my physical body daily in this exchange? Some may say I have spent my mind daily in this exchange. The giving of ourselves always takes more than we realize. At any given moment you may stop while looking in a mirror in the middle of doing your daily routine and you see yourself for the first time from the unretrievable history box the person you are looking at has really changed from the you that you remember. The thoughts of when did I get so old-looking? You start looking at your hands remembering the hands of your parents with the age spots and the wrinkles with the shock of your hands are approaching what you saw in them. This is the time you realize you have given more in the “Exchanging a day of your life“. Every day routine can be so busy that the exchange happens right in front of you subtracting away another day of your life.

Today, I gave myself away to ______________. I gave myself away to: a steering wheel delivering things, answering phone calls, typing information into a computer, standing on a car lot, guarding a gate, managing a store, selling something in an office full of cubicles, tending to sick people, stocking shelves, mowing yards, serving food, and the list goes on to what you gave away for a day of your life. Your life is precious no matter what anyone says. Your existence is important and what you exchange a day of your life is important to you and to those around you.

A certain loving caring man came into town helping anyone and everyone. People gathered around him desiring for his kindness to fall upon them. His fame grew to the place crowds in each little town he visited would press around him. He took in personal helpers to assist with his giving to others. He became a man very well-loved by the everyday people, but there were those in leadership positions dedicated themselves to stopping this wonderful man’s kind ministry due to their jealousy and fear. One day the jealous leaders found a helper in the inner circle of this loving caring man who would assist them in betraying him. On a certain night the helper guided the soldiers through the other followers to arrest this kind loving man. The helper found him among the others speaking to him a greeting and with a kiss upon his cheek, which was the signal,  he was the one whom they were seeking. The soldiers took away the man who had done such wonderful things to all the people.

The helper who betrayed him realized with a clear understanding and conviction in his heart that his actions condemned that loving caring man to death. Regret set in upon the helper so much so he wanted to return the money the jealous leaders paid him for his betrayal. He even cried out to them “I have sinned” because “I have betrayed innocent blood“. The jealous leaders got their usage of what they wanted from the helper and had no concern for him. His regret was nothing to them and he was responsible for his actions. The money was not enough to take back in exchange for the freedom of that loving, caring, innocent man’s life. In that present moment the helper threw the money into the floor refusing to keep what he had taken from the past desiring his future free and clear of what he had exchanged for a day of his life.

I can see the helper sitting there as he starts looking into the unretrievable history box of the actions of his hands reaching out to hold the bag of money for betrayal, his foot steps going forward with soldiers around him, hearing his own voice speaking with greetings pin pointing his target as he closes in his lips for a kiss signaling the kindest man he had ever met in his life marking him for death. My hands, my feet, my voice, my lips, my heart, my soul has betrayed innocent blood. I was wrong and now I cannot take it back. I have exchanged a day of my life-giving myself away for the betrayal of an innocent man (Mtt. 26:48, 49; 27:3-5).

What we do everyday is important in the seconds and minutes of our life. In each day we are exchanging our actions with a day of our life spent in a unretrievable way. The helper had to look at palms of his hands for the questions how could money be more important than that loving man’s ministry. He had to look at his feet  for the questions why did you go forward step after step making your way to the kindest man you had ever known. He had to ask why his eyes diligently looked for him, finding him, and looking into those kind eyes and face. How could my voice have spoken such betraying words and my lips being the last kiss upon a man who only did good. We all have done things we should not have done, went places where we should not have went, said things we should not have said, and touched in ways we should not have touched.

How important is your day? How important are your words in that day of your life? How important is your actions to yourself and others? What is the effect and value of what you are doing everyday for others and your own soul? We give ourselves over to songs, movies, social media, people s opinions and allow them to take from our days the happiness we should experience. You are important. I cannot express enough how important you are to God. Calvary is God’s love picture for us. He cares about what you exchange yourself on a daily basis. God came into our time inside of Jesus to exchange the days of Jesus for us. The Bible is given to us by our Creator to gleam from on how to exchange the days of our precious life with the highest achievable value beyond what man can appraise.

If you have read this far I want to say, “Thank you” for exchanging your time from a day of your life to these words and may they bless you on the future things you give yourself away. I hope you feel the “Thank you” fill your heart with the kindness I have in them.

I understand what I am doing and saying is giving myself away to those actions. Do you want to give yourself away to arguing, bickering, jealousy, sadness, loneliness? Do you want to gossip, back stab or use people as stepping-stones?  The helper/disciple that betrayed Jesus can never change his past. I am glad that I can exchange my awful past through Jesus Christ. The Bible speaks of us as like a book that things are written in them. You and I can have that book written of us erased for all the terrible things we did in our past (the unretrievable box) and start a new chapter.

The helper/disciple of Jesus exchanged his hands, feet, and voice for betrayal out of a day of his life. We can exchange our hands being lifted up surrendering to a forgiving Father in repentance of our past taking those steps down into water baptism in Jesus name washing away our sins blotting out what was written in the book of our past (unretrievable box) by the blood of Jesus, and rising up out of the water with the voice of freedom, praising God expecting Him to fill us with His promised Spirit giving us the utterance of a born again child of God (Acts 2:4, 8, 17, 21, 38) .

What you do every day is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. Your life is far more important than just the labor of your hands to maintain a physical substance of living. Your spirit inside deserves a daily life of good things to be written down in the volume of your book. In love, I say be careful of what you give yourself away in the seconds and minutes of each precious day you live. May you feel Him though He be not far from every one of us. God Bless.

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