Multitasking is being responsible of having several things going at once. Multitasking is something that has increased over the past several years. ¬†Technology has forced people into multitasking. Vehicles gave us a steering wheel for our hands, foot pedals for our feet, mirrors for our eyes, and a radio for our ears. We have new generations that do not have a memory of driving a car with only having a radio to listen to and managing the operation of the vehicle. Multitasking as an example is driving a vehicle today with the steering wheel, foot pedals, mirrors, radio, cell phones, … Continue reading Multitasking

Having More Than You Know

All babies born into this world do not understand the surroundings in which they have been placed. The older ones look into their faces of purity seeing the complete emptiness of any corruption of this world in them. We tickle them to hear their free unrestricted laughter. We expose them to things to make their face light up with free joy. As the baby grows maintaining of innocence and the understanding is preserved pure. The toddler does not know the financial status of being poor, middle or rich class. They just continue their laughter, crying, and desire of attention. They … Continue reading Having More Than You Know

A Better Way

Gifted people see things from a different angle than most people. They become frustrated when they try to help and no one will listen. I imagine our history of inventors were thought to be crazy, yet we have electricity powering our homes, our work places, our cars, our hospitals, our schools, and almost anything else you can think of. In the present day there are all kinds of things being invented and added to the usage of society. “A Better Way” is not always received. The resistance to trying something different and new is still rejected on all levels. Improving … Continue reading A Better Way


A bridge is a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, railroad and other structures. A bridge connects one side to another. I can easily remember the different kinds of bridges I passed over by different types of vehicles, bikes, motorbikes, by foot and on. They were from a simple one creek bank to another, one side of the river to the other, and from island to another. The bridge allowed me to go from one place to another that would normally have been more difficult or impossible. These are bridges we see everyday in … Continue reading Bridges

“The Spirit, The Word, and The Name”

“The Spirit, The Word, and The Name” have a oneness that is really awesome to see. This is one of those that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but with seeing the sight through the perception and understanding breathed upon you. The physical eyes can see, but the eyes of the mind can be closed just like when we sleep. When the eyes of our mind are open with understanding and perception of our spirit is seeing that which is invisible to physical eyes. Our physical eyes need the help of our brains to interpret what it is physically … Continue reading “The Spirit, The Word, and The Name”