Behind the Windshield

In the beginning of the creation of man God took the dust of the earth and formed a natural earthly image and likeness of Himself. If you were to look on the ground at this moment as God’s Spirit hovers over the clay body you would see a man lying there like an artistic clay statue. God goes up to the nostrils of the earth made clay statue of a man representing an image like a child of its parent and He breathes His Spirit breath of life into it. God’s Spirit breath was more than air in the lungs of the lifeless clay statue. God’s Spirit breath brought life to the entire natural dust of the earth body. The clay shell became living skin. The clay parts inside the body all representing a type and shadow of God came to life with expanding lungs drawing in air and a heart pumping blood to all the body. God’s Spirit breath converted the clay into a physical natural living vessel of flesh, but His Spirit breath filled that body with a born consciousness living spirit being with the intelligence to rule over all the earth like his Father that rules over all things (Ge. 1:26; 2:7; 1 Cor. 15:45-48). An earthly, natural, physical fleshly body and a spirit being inside the body with intelligence from his Father – that is you and me.

In every vessel (physical fleshly body) there is a driver. Every person has a spirit driver. When your physical eye sight looks into another person’s eyes you are immediately seeing the color of their eyes and the whiteness around them. This is seeing the surface of the eyes of who is looking back at you from their life source. Their physical eyes is just the surface like a windshield of a vehicle with behind it a driver and possible passengers looking back at you. The key to this “Past the Surface” is maintaining a visual image of people’s eyes  you look into are like windshields of cars being driven and carrying something inside it. Take your time, this is a deep look into a world of things hidden in plain sight. People are like vehicles and their eyes are like looking into their vehicle through the windshield.

If there is a single spirit driver behind those eyes, like a windshield of a vehicle, looking at you then it is the original spiritual being with the accumulated personal experiences and standard code of living behind the steering wheel of their actions. The eyes you are looking into have a level of understanding and perceiving that they use to decide how they will drive their vehicle of flesh towards you. You are dealing with their stuff only.

I said previously, “If there is a single spirit driver behind those eyes…” implying it is possible  for a physical fleshly natural body (vessel, vehicle) to have more than just one spirit driver and/or driving under the influence of another. The original spirit owner of that body has allowed other things to move inside influencing the physical driving of their vessel in words and in physical deeds. This is a place where you can start looking at those around you and yourself at the things they and you allow into your vehicle.

The person in front of you behind their eyes the windshield to what is inside their vehicle will be a  mixture of things. Our bodies and spirit have a partnership from birth to the grave. The one that dominates the other determines who is behind the wheel of their vehicle that you are talking with. A man will marry a woman with hidden things behind his eyes inside his fleshly vehicle that she does not know about until after they are married. A woman will marry a man for other reasons the man did not see past their eyes to the inside of their fleshly vehicle. People at the place you work have hidden motives that they schemingly put into place at the best of their ability to get something they want whether it is promotions, power, or money. This is stuff they have allowed inside their vehicle hidden behind the windshield of their eyes. You and I only see the outside color of their eyes and facial expression.

The partnership from babies, to children, to young adult, and to adulthood of the physical clay body and the spirit being inside draws its conclusions from one or all three things from the desires of the flesh, the desire of the eyes, and the pride of life. Inside their vehicle they may have beer and other types of alcohol. This is the desires of the flesh taking over the driver seat wanting physical earthly highs. It can be drugs, sex, and brawling forming an addiction in the flesh taking over the driver seat. The eyes you could be looking into have hidden desires of the flesh giving you a fake outward appearance just to get what they physically desire. A person can look at things in this world desiring to have them above what they are meant to have. The desire of their eyes can take over driving working with envy, jealousy, hatred, lust, idol worship of someone or some thing, and immoral thoughts. The lust of the things their eyes have looked upon has taken over the driver’s seat of their actions. Some people you talk with have their pride driving their bodies vehicle. Their selfishness, desire to be number one, greater than everyone else, you are below me attitude, and my ambition is more important than anyone else is behind the windshield of their eyes.

Are you starting to see what could be hidden behind people’s eyes? Are you seeing what is behind your windshield inside your vehicle? Examining yourself and discovering what is underneath your own nose are the first steps to true freedom. Everything I mentioned in the previous paragraph are things that causes you to drive out of control and wreck your life, but this is only from the things of this world. There are other things that can take over as the driver of your body and spirit not of this world.

Voices of influence can seem good, sound good, and have the appearance of being good all the while there was a hidden agenda to get you involved with their plans. Adam and Eve listened to the devil and allowed his words to become the driver of their bodies in eating the one fruit in the garden that was evil that God had tried to warn them about previously. Words of others can manipulate your spirit driver of your body to do their work for them. Where did Cain get the idea murdering his brother Abel was the answer and solution to not having the best offering? Was this a one shot offering or were there other future chances and this was a learning experience? Jesus told us that when an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through dry places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house (your body/fleshly vehicle) unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first (Mtt. 12:43-45). Evil fallen spirits can push you over to the passenger seat and sit down into your driver seat behind your windshield and drive your life recklessly over others. If they leave according to Jesus they will come back with seven more to squeeze into your vehicle. This happens by listening to their voices of evil and you accepting their ideas as your own opening up your car door for them to drive you any way they want. Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone who seemed like there was something else inside them? 

There are people you encounter that have that powerful love inside their eyes. Their windshield to their vehicle has a glow from within that you can’t quite place your finger on what exactly it is in them. You have looked into the eyes of some that have a gleaming joy and happiness in them. When you meet someone who has that peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control behind their eyes it makes you want to be around them more and to have what they have inside of yourself.

What do you want behind your windshield sitting in your driver seat of your body? Who do you want to allow to be inside your vehicle telling you things, influencing the directions and roads you take in life? Are you alone inside your fleshly vehicle? Is there something or someone in there with you behind your eyes doing things to others you really don’t want to do? Do you want them out?

You have probably read the bumper sticker that God/Jesus was their co-pilot. When I was filled with God’s Holy Spirit it was different  from Adam in the beginning. Mine was the in-filling of the Spirit of Jesus that brings me new life. God did not want to be a passenger nor the driver. God wanted to be in a oneness relationship with me. He and I together drive this fleshly vehicle agreeing one with another. God does not want a dictator’s relationship nor a one way street relationship. I agree neither do I want a dictatorship, but a free will drawing of His wisdom relationship. I don’t want a one way street relationship, but a giving and receiving from one another.

Behind the windshield of my eyes I want the spirit of truth guiding (Jn. 16:13) me everyday. As my outward body made of the dust of this earth grows old and deteriorates I want my inward man to be renewed day by day (2 Cor. 4:16) with God’s strength. I would rather people see God along with my spirit behind my eyes than the negative, hateful, selfishness you see almost everywhere you go in this world.

Now, it is time to examine yourself on who you want driving your fleshly vehicle and who you want people to see behind your eyes through the windshield in your driver seat.  I have a another part that will follow this one that will be on “Seeing in the Windshield“.

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