Two Gardens

STAGE 1 On a canvas I see two gardens drawn side by side. The garden on one side has several full and healthy looking trees with one tree standing out from the rest in a different unique way. This garden has a visitor passing through the trees with the sound of walking. The visitor brings, a faithfulness of fellowship, a breeze of peace, a flowing gentleness, a light of joy, a kind patience, and a warmth of love. You can feel the liberty and the freedom in this garden. The garden on the other side next to this one on … Continue reading Two Gardens

Meant to be Alone

Do you ever feel you were meant to be alone in this life?  Have you found yourself with another person, you and your spouse, you and four others, you and your family, you and your classmates, you and a crowd, you and your co-workers, you and your church, you and your team, you and no matter how many are around you – you are still alone? Did you try from middle school, to high school, to college, in the work world, in the church world, in the sports world, join clubs to make friends or at least come away with … Continue reading Meant to be Alone

Not Enough Numbers

A Matryoshka doll made in Russia is one large wooden doll. If you are looking at it you will only see one wooden doll on the shelf. If you don’t touch it and examine it you will walk away thinking that it was just one wooden doll on the shelf. If you did pick it up you would discover that the one doll pulls apart from the middle with something else inside.  You take what is inside out thinking now you have two wooden dolls, a male and a female. You pull apart the female in the middle to find … Continue reading Not Enough Numbers

A Divided House

Division began before you, I, and all of mankind were born. Before the earth, sun, moon, or stars there was one angel that decided in his heart to rally other angels to help him to charge into heaven, make his throne higher than God’s throne, sit on the mount before all the other angels, rise above the clouds, making himself God (Is. 14:13, 14). God now had division to confront in His own house. God’s decision was to cast out that angel and his followers as fast as lightning from the heavens with the promise of hell and the pit … Continue reading A Divided House